Top 100 Coach Mike Bury Gives Me Full Swing Assessment | Road To Pro Is BACK | Micah Morris

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Mike Bury:



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    49 Replies to “Top 100 Coach Mike Bury Gives Me Full Swing Assessment | Road To Pro Is BACK | Micah Morris”

    1. Micah Morris says:

      Use code MICAH130 to get $130 off across 6 Factor boxes at!

    2. I would love to see Micah on a Country Club Adjacent video… The shit talking would be impeccable

    3. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you man! 🤙 I’ll be trying to Monday qualify for the waste management this year hope to see you out there! It’s at McCormick ranch pine course 🙏🤙

    4. Rylee Hodges says:

      Hold your horses big D A W G!!

    5. samuel choi says:

      Quality video editing!

    6. Love the behind the scenes look before you go major pro!

    7. No good good hat 🙁 I miss it already

    8. Tattooks says:

      Best video so far bud look forward to alot more of these

    9. Corey Bonar says:

      Still wearing the good good merch 👀

    10. Mark Parker says:

      Cool to see someone as good as Micah can still find easy drills to help with a balanced approach

    11. I typically HATE promotional junk in YouTube videos. I pay for YT premium to avoid commercials.
      I get the supplemental income from sponsors, but it’s super annoying.
      BUT I like how you did this one and made it fun. I actually watched most of it even!

    12. 57JimboSlice says:

      Sad to see Micah leaving good good but this series looks like it could be unbelievable

    13. Just come back to Good Good bro….no offense, but you will NEVER make it on the real tour or even the KF tour…..c’mon bro. Go back to GG.

    14. Your swing will almost be as incredible as that facility after working with him! Next level that Micah! 💪🏆

    15. Excited to see where your channel goes now Tig, best of luck brother.

    16. Robert Nemec says:

      Mike bury has a one of a kind teaching style And understanding of the golf swing

    17. Countdown till Tig gets the LIV call up.

    18. I like Mike as a coach better then the last instructor. Feel like this was the right move here, mike is so good at dialing in players swings with little break down of the swing .

    19. Quick says:

      Tig is about to be even more of a stick

    20. gage cox says:

      This is so incredibly dope. Free lessons from TIGS COACH!? incredible

    21. FranTheMan says:

      Wow, really great video. He explains things so well

    22. Shawn Fodge says:

      i didnt realize he is Garrett's cousin…makes more sense now…nothing worse than going to a lesson and watching a video of a pro; just a waste of time…

    23. Larry Hall says:

      Love your vids Tig. Keep em coming.

    24. I had never seen this ratio of face to path explained before – that's super interesting. Also, when I'm in a hurry I just have some toast or something.

    25. Euriloco says:

      amazing well done lad.

    26. Slice says:

      Does anyone know exactly what happened with Good Good? It must have been something pretty extreme for Micah to leave. He'll never be able to make even close to the lifetime earnings he gave up leaving GG.

    27. MrMalditor says:

      I feel like that drill he had you do is good for almost everyone if only just for warming up. Using that to quiet my head/body movement in addition to working on inline impact position instead of a flip would probably cut my index in half. Going into the off season, if I can get myself to consistently work on those two things I'm excited to see the change in my swing.

    28. Jamie Drys says:

      sorry to hear about GoodGood. Youre gonna thrive by yourself though. Go get em Micah

    29. Dom Lloyd says:

      I really need to video my swing more so I can see these things

    30. The dap up between Mike and Micah was so soft, great hand shake from the guys

    31. I want Grant to get analyzed. Mike would hire him before the session was over lol

    32. This is a great drill. I struggle with the exact same issue so I am going to do this for a while!

    33. This is a free golf lesson for anybody watching. Amazing content.

    34. B. Milstead says:

      Can’t wait to see where you go in this journey, I’ve got faith you’re gonna do big things man.

    35. Ian Cook says:

      Holy cow, this might be one of the most informative videos I've ever watched. There are a lot of great takeaways from this to go work on my horrific blocking and slicing. I'm stoked!

    36. Will says:

      Wow, this was an incredibly well done video!! Extremely informative and entertaining to watch!

    37. Mike is a cool dude! Met him when I worked at Las Colinas. He had a long list of students!

    38. Thanks Mike for looking out for us Leftys!

    39. Lasse WA says:

      Sounds just like Shay Knight (Viktors caddy)

    40. Jeff Gould says:

      This is absolutely insane! Such good information. You’re swing is absolutely unreal and I can’t wait to see what you and Mike do to make it better! I’m going to do this weight drill and video myself so I can see the differences! Thanks for these crazy informative free videos sir! Can’t wait to see you do big things!

    41. Allusiv - says:

      i love the little skit type intro keep up the work and your grind man. can’t wait to see you in tour probably hard stepping away from your friends but love watching someone chase their dreams

    42. Bro that commercial was fire 😂😂

    43. 3puttpar says:

      Awesome content Tig, Mike is a really cool and knowledgeable dude.

    44. Drew says:

      Micah still wearing that GoodGood Apparel thoooooo

    45. Make 3 says:

      I've know Bury since he moved to the US and spent a ton of time with him. If there is one person that can make you better. It is that guy!

    46. Can’t wait for The Big Shortgame.

    47. GOTH ROSS says:

      Wow. Great stuff here! On my way to see if I can’t use these drills to make some improvement. Tbh. I’m crap. So. Nowhere to go but up!

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