Top 5 Forgotten (But Awesome) Rules In D&D

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There are many awesome rules in D&D that get forgotten, and would make for a great addition to your games! Here are five. You ONLY get five. I’m not running a charity here. MAYBE you’ll get more down the line but honestly? With the way you’ve been acting? You’re lucky you even get any.

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I’ve been told to use keywords in video descriptions, but I don’t know what I’m doing. I stole these tags from MonkeyDM who seems on top of this type of thing when we chat.

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37 Replies to “Top 5 Forgotten (But Awesome) Rules In D&D”

  1. DnD Shorts says:

    Grab your immersive 5e Magic Item Cards right here to kick your games up a notch!

  2. Th'kaal says:

    You forgot anything from first edition those rules were awesome you're a poser

  3. Cleave is a great rule. We threw it straight into a game this week. Our sword and board fighter loved it

  4. In addition the marked action happens weather you hit or miss with a melee attack roll

  5. Martin Teece says:

    Well doggo will need be added in all upcoming videos now since the doggo is addorable

  6. Valkyrion says:

    Epic Heroism is a fun rule in the DMG 267. 5 min short rest and 1 hour long rest is fun for classes that depend on short rest like warlock.

  7. re: cleaving, my brothers and I used to play DnD by ourselves (because the only guy we ever tried to play with as teens smelled so awfully of urine), so you can understand how one time we cleared an entire … goblin? orc? I forget … warren with one volley of arrows from our Monty Haul ninja++ themed home brew class "Shadow Warriors". Crom, we were young. But also it was a lot of fun playing like that, at least as long as it was just us and we all agreed on everything. We just fought tougher and tougher beasties until we ran out of Monster Manual.

    We took character names from the Old Testament, so my Shadow Warrior was Adino, and my one brother's was Eleazar, and I forget the third. In later campaigns, we lored up Adino with frictionless armor and made him basically the Moorcock's Infinite Hero, and Eleazar was something else but I never cared because he wasn't MY character.

    This was all 2e, over a thousand years ago …

  8. PLEASE make a video on crafting I'm on the struggle bus

  9. Sedge says:

    On the subject of monk weapons, i think that its a dumb rule for monk weapons(Kinsei or not) to never have the Two Handed property

    sure versatile is an exception there, but i've always wanted to do a monk that uses a halberd as a monk weapon
    although my usual suggestion to keep monks from just being able to use everything under the sun this way is to change it from no two handed property to not heavy, and im pretty sure that still keeps halberds out of the running

  10. khartog01 says:

    Grappling while naked, happen to my fighter but wasn't plan.

  11. I have a DM that has responses to damage or certain attacks, such as getting proned because that Death Cleric smacked the leg out from the ogre with an Inflict Wounds out of a Warhammer, or the barbarian landing a crit and just straight removing a wing off that young dragon (gimping movement speeds is really fun)

  12. Wayne Braack says:

    Totally OP so called rules. Balanced realistic story telling and balanced gaming are lost on Woke on the Coast.

  13. I always have my players include Tasha's additions for their characters. I've also been working on a set of Action/Bonus Action/Reaction/Free Action cards for reminding players what they can do, and already included these variant options because they are interesting!

  14. For crafting, I highly recommend Witch+Craft by Astrolago Press! It really helps fill in the gaps for crafting as well as add fun mechanics for crafting as well as its own setting for a casual crafting-oriented game!

  15. The optional rule I think brings a lot to the table is the Xanathar's Guide to Everything optional rules for the, for lack of a better term, "synergy bonuses" afforded by various Tool Proficiencies. For example, proficiency with Mason's Tools allows you to damage walls more efficiently, proficiency with Cartographer's tools provides you with additional insights from Int checks, and proficiency with Carpenter's tools allows you to build wooden structures more efficiently and notice woodwork that might compromise your Dexterity checks.

  16. Marcus W says:

    "Four people do it in a quarter of the time"

    DND Shorts is the kind of buss who thinks that nine women produce a baby in one month.

  17. 8:00 hey! fizban's was good

  18. I never knew about these

  19. Tanglangfa says:

    Some of the optional class features, like dedicated weapon seem to nerf some subclass features. Why take the subclass when I can take a better one and still get the best part of the other?

  20. The cleaving rules is exactly what the cleave feat was in 3rd edition. Why is this not a feat in 5th. I swear the designers at wizards are just lazy.

  21. 1. Mark – 0:06 dmg 271
    2. Crafting – 1:35 xge 129
    3. Cleaving – 5:16 dmg 272
    4. Healing Surge – 6:34 dmg 266
    5. Tasha's optionnal class features

  22. Allteair says:

    Cleaving rules..*stuffs this in my pocket DMing notebook and sitters away while screaming* "mine now!"

  23. Hackkpo says:

    From where are those midnight suns animations/live action scenes that are showed on this video?

  24. Man sometimes I am reminded how much the crafting in 5e sucks. Example: because there are multiple common potions, it would take 1 workweek and 50 gold to craft, but 50 gold is the same cost as all common potions. so instead of being a cheaper way to craft useful items for the party, you have played yourself and wasted a week in game, very cool. or you could pay the 100 the dmg says and could have just bought 2 common potions, and you still waste more time. (healing potions are an exception to this rule, as they have a special section.)

    In general it would be more efficient to just make money with other downtime activities, and just buy the goods for any non-legendary or artifact item.

  25. X9Killbot says:

    And legenday items worth 500,000 gold takes 54.75 years to make. God Damn.

  26. vafscamp says:

    Am I understanding healing surge right? Its a slightly better second wind available to everybody as an action?

  27. The main healer for my campaign's party just left, and so seeing this rule about Healing Surges is going to come in very handy for them. Will be putting it straight into my game. Cheers dude!

  28. SetArk says:

    I have to say, i used Mark for at least 3 separated games and it makes things REALLY cumbersome.
    It's ONE MORE thing for you to have to track on the table.
    Specially for the DM, it seems little but it adds another layer of burden.

  29. KefkeWren says:

    There's a really interesting aspect to the crafting rules that has immense roleplay potential. Crafting a magic item requires a "formula" and "materials", but there's no specifications on what those are. That sounds like the writers being lazy, but it's actually incredible foresight, in my opinion. Yes, your players can gather the horn of a corrupted unicorn, a branch from a thousand-year-old elm tree, and mountain copper struck by lightning to make a wand, but you don't have to limit it to just making a new item. Suppose one player's character has a particular attachment to a certain piece of equipment. Let's say it's an heirloom sword. Well, what if the "formula" for a Sun Blade or a Holy Avenger called for taking a weapon with a particular sentimental attachment or history, slaying a particular monster with it, and then going to a sacred place with a piece of that monster to make an offering? What if their special sword, that has a great personal significance to their character, by being used as a material for the weapon they're "crafting" actually became their new magic sword? Don't you think a personal quest to imbue magic into a weapon that was already important to the character sounds pretty awesome?

  30. hades402 says:

    Why was thac0 not in here

  31. I forgot Xanathar's guide had stuff aside from subclasses, magic items, and spells. It has some pretty cool traps.

    Short rests and hit dice actually are pretty important at my table.

  32. You could say its the forgotten rules haha

  33. Kayla A says:

    I know it’s just an advertisement you’re doing, but I almost wish the cards included all items in the SRD
    Because it would be a much more elegant way of tracking inventory in general, than writing a list

    But since it’s just the magic items, it lacks that use

    I’d be very interested in it if it included non magical items. Idk maybe the people behind these cards will see my feedback, maybe not, but that’s my immediate thoughts.

  34. snake698 says:

    You only get 1 free interaction per turn if I'm correct, you shouldn't be able to mark multiple enemies

  35. Maya Yampol says:

    He's got a sword! Neat!

  36. John Doe says:

    Cleave's fundamental problem which has existed since 3e is if you're chewing through popcorn enemies that you can 1-2 shot, they're almost certainly not a serious threat either, so you may as well use that feat for something better.

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