Top 5 Most Underrated Discs!

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On this video I take you thru my high 5 Most Underrated Discs in Disc Golf! This record contains Putters, midranges, Fairways and Drivers! You could be stunned by a few of my picks, so let me know if you happen to agree or disagree within the remark part!

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    26 Replies to “Top 5 Most Underrated Discs!”

    1. Todd Kauk says:

      My #1 most underrated disc is the MVP Resistor…I love it, it’s not as overstable as the numbers but it’s a more stable Crave that goes FAR on BH and FH.

    2. The Pekapeka is SUPERS underrated. Great call

    3. utvol1618 says:

      Infinite Centurion is one the only discs I've ever fallen in love with the moment I picked it up. Feels perfect in my hand and flies great.

    4. Elijah Brady says:

      I think the most underrated disc is the penny putter I have a looked at review videos on YouTube over and over again trying to find a good video on it but hardly anybody throws it so there really isn’t any videos so I decided to just get it myself and try it out it is one of the best putters I have ever used and I have struggled a lot on trying to find a good putter that had a love glide and accuracy and I have yet to find one that is flighty as the penny putter is the best putter I have ever owned out of all the years I’ve been playing and I really enjoy putting with it. It has improved my putting game a lot and I would recommend it to anybody looking for a new putter.

    5. MVP Inertia. I can throw it on a straight line every time. It replaced my Valkyrie after I obtained 8 different varieties of the Valkyrie.

    6. Zach Walrath says:

      Prodigy 400s bar stamped m4 🔥🔥🔥

    7. S & C says:

      20 comments and 14 likes. Come on guys. You can do better then that!
      My favorites are PA3, A2, Crave, and wave. None of those are underrated imo. Hum, what do I think is the most underrated… I don't want to vote for a disc that I have not thrown. I am a newer disc golfer so I have mostly been buying popular discs that other people recommend. I have really been enjoying throwing a D2 Pro in Air plastic. Get it light weight. Mine is 152g. It is easy to get it up to speed. It is a good overstable disc that I can throw. It fights wind good. It is gentle on my elbow when throwing forehand too. So I guess all in all I don't necessarily have a disc to recommend but a weight. Get a light driver and have fun with it.

    8. Kenny Pecka says:

      Thought Space Animus. 10.5 speed and smooth. Does what I always wanted a disc to do… go straight and far for a long time. And the stamps? The greatest.

    9. White V1 penny putter changed my game for the better.

    10. Most underrated disc similar to how you described the escape is the Thoughtspace mantra!

    11. JPickmo says:

      prodiscus jokeri is very underrated. IDK if the TSA Synapse counts as underrated but it is a great disc

    12. seanmorris says:

      Of the discs I bag I reckon the most underrated is my Piwakawaka. Just a joy to throw it, sneaky distance.

    13. Micah Milam says:

      I think the Westside line up has a lot of underrated discs but the one I’d have to put at the top is the Boatman. Although not as many plastic offerings for it nowadays, it truly is a versatile disc in a speed category that has begun to make a resurgence being a 10 speed disc. I’d say very similar to a faster escape.

    14. Zac Pighin says:

      I am a big fan of the Kastaplast Svea! I have one in K3 hard and one in K1! I haven’t seen many people throw this disc, but I am a player without a forehand and the Svea is a perfect under stable mid range that will travel pretty far and has a nice reliable anhyzer that can take the place of a forehand on any hole within like 200 feet for me!

    15. tdwester says:

      Yikun Hu, it’s an amazing straight flying 9 speed and glides for days.

    16. Cool, pekapeka won. That makes sense.

    17. Matt Estell says:

      The gateway shaman is my most underrated disc. It's a shallow throwing putter that holds whatever line you throw it on. It taught me to throw flat and should be much more popular.

    18. Streamline Pilot — super straight and super glidey

    19. I think the most underrated disc is probably the Thought Space Athletics, Temple. Overstable approach disc very similar to the Zone, but in a really grippy plastic that just sticks to the ground. Plus they're great to cycle into different stabilities.

    20. Chad Solberg says:

      The Kea…. its sneaky good.

    21. I bag and throw a Praxis repeatedly per round. I love that thing.

    22. Convalesce says:

      I'm glad someone else mentioned the Praxis, it's my favorite putter of all time. It's perfect as far as I'm concerned. Ethereal plastic feels so good and is extremely durable:) I definitely want to try some of the Mint stuff because their plastic seem super similar to K1 from Kastaplast which is my favorite plastic.

    23. Brett McHan says:

      As a noodle arm I think the westside sword should be almost everyone's first 12 speed driver!!! It's amazing and there are so many plastics you can cover multiple slots in your bag!

    24. Ryan Miller says:

      I recently bagged a gold saint which I find to have amazing glide and straight flight, I have recently heard it compared to the Escape.
      I think my most underrated discs, besides the saint of course, is my Discmania Origin and Thought Space Athletics Pathfinder.
      I find the Origin better for tight or touchy shots, where as the pathfinder is very torque resistant and reliable.
      When playing a single disc round I will always grab my Pathfinder.

    25. West Side Underworld, because it is the "least know" of the Trilogy brands. It is a Neutral Fairway Driver that for me goes almost as far as my distance drivers (280 vs 310) so for beginner/novice players it is a great flyer, but also should be usable by advanced throwers as well.

    26. MelloOU says:

      I guess my bag is pretty ''trendy" but I'm going to go with the Armadillo. I'm kind of obsessed with this thing right now.

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