Top 5 Worst Golf Major Collapses: Heartbreak and Drama on the Fairways

In this riveting video, we take you on a rollercoaster ride through the Top 5 Worst Golf Major Collapses in modern-day golf history. From legendary players to rising stars, these unforgettable moments left fans and players in disbelief. Join us as we relive the heartbreak and drama that unfolded on the fairways during these pivotal moments in golf’s most prestigious events. From Tom Watson’s near-miss at The Open to Adam Scott’s heart-wrenching collapse at the 2012 Open, and from Phil Mickelson’s U.S. Open heartache to Jean Van de Velde’s unforgettable meltdown at the 1999 Open, we’ll explore the twists and turns that can make golf one of the most unpredictable sports. And finally, we delve deep into the #1 collapse that shook the golfing world – Greg Norman’s unforgettable day at the 1996 Masters. The resilience and emotions displayed in these stories are a testament to the highs and lows that this beautiful game has to offer. Join us as we journey through the triumphs and tragedies of golf’s most dramatic moments!

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  1. Loved Greg Norman when I was a kid. He just looked cooler than all the other folks at the time. I didn’t watch a lot, but my grandfather did and I’d sometimes watch with him. And no matter what, I was going for the Shark!

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