TOP FAIRWAY WOODS 2022 TEST // New 3-wood for Mike?

Mike puts the new 2022 fairway woods up against his gamer Titleist TSi2 to see which three wood comes out on top for distance and forgiveness.

0:00 // Intro
3:28 // Baseline with Gamer
5:43 // Callaway Rogue ST LS
7:20 // Stealth Plus Titanium 3 wood
10:45 // Cobra LTDx 3-wood
14:31 // Mizuno ST-X
16:05 // Results & Conclusions


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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada


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    45 Replies to “TOP FAIRWAY WOODS 2022 TEST // New 3-wood for Mike?”

    1. Jason Martin says:

      Just did a fitting to remove my hybrids I can't hit. I crush my generations old 5 wood so gapped in a 3 and 7 wood. Ended up with a Stealth for the 3 wood. The low spin and consistent distance even on a mishit was just a slam dunk for me. It wasn't a fair fight like you said.

    2. Alan Luo says:

      Is 4 degree up gonna be too left? Basically i feel taylormade’s standard lie is too flat, but 4 degree up sound like too much..

    3. So you like to compare the gamer clubs to get a baseline, but what would you do with someone like me who this is 4 year playing so looking to upgrade woods, then driver. But my 3-wood is a 98 cobra and 5 wood is a presimmon head? Should is still use those for base numbers in a fitting?

    4. Erick Bauer says:

      I hit a fly z 3 wood set at 13.5*. I can hit both low to get under tree limbs but it starts to rise at a bout 75 yds. I can move ball in stance and get nice high launch as well. Both of these are off the fairway. I can carry 225 of ground. Off the tee with the ball about 1/8th inch above the ground I hit a high ball about 245-250 with a 15 yd fade. My swing speed is 90ish. Does this sound like decent numbers?

    5. Michael M says:

      I’m not a fitter but I’d certainly be in the camp where Stealth does not work for my game. 2600 spin and 23 yards of roll is a driver or off-tee only club. If that were my 3-wood, unless green is pretty elevated and had wide opening at front, my only option using that club on long approach would be to aim for a bunker. If I cannot consistently see 3000-3200 spin and max 10 yds roll, it’s not an approach club.

      For me the C722 set to 15.75/57.5 w/Speeder NX 70X has been the best 3-wood since my Orlimar persimmon 40 years ago. I did not try the Stealth as my club builder did not have a demo 3-wood but I tried the Ping, Rogue, STZ and TSi3. The TSi3 was the only club as consistent in spin and dispersion as the C722. Unfortunately Titleist does not offer Speeder NX in its matrix and my builder cannot order as head-only like he could with C722.

      I would recommend Mikey given the C722 a try. 👍

    6. I hope the rest of you are pausing the video and doing a screen capture of the stats to compare to other shots during the video. Mark Crossfield, who I'm only sorta luke-warm on, really nails it in his "Golf's Biggest Con" video when he correctly points out that golf fitters totally ignore what is right in front of their faces with regards to the delivery of the club at impact. In this TXG video, comparing Mike's great strike with his TSI2 where he gets 228 carry to the first great strike with the Stealth where he carries it about 241 you can clearly see that the difference is all about the delivery. He has a draw with the second ball which results in lower spin and a slightly lower loft. Of course he gets 10 more yards. This is never mentioned in the video.

      If you haven't realized it by now, this is a marketing channel. I'm fine with that as long as the boys are honest enough to keep putting the data up on the screen so we can all see what is going on.

    7. Mike's results were best with stealth+ but I have read that the stock made for TaylorMade smoke red rdx shaft is not comparable to true aftermarket shafts. Was Mike using the "made for" shaft? If so was it a stiff or x flex? Did he find it "loose"? Thank you, Joe

    8. E MaK says:

      Consistency? Look at the strike pattern on that wood face. Same head speed means nothing. Using the whole face – means NOT consistent. How do you fit that ? Bigger head I guess ?

    9. Ian,
      Would love to see Mikey test Callaway’s flagship woods like the Rogue ST driver & fairway woods. Then test the draw bias woods as well. This would be a great benefit to us regular golfers.
      You can even bring in Ronny for the seniors who need more data on what club might work for them.
      Then another show comparing them to Cobra & TMs, etc. flagship woods.
      Most of us are not elite players and are the larger part of your viewing audience.
      Just saying.
      Great content for mid to low handicap fairway woods.

    10. I think you guys bring up a very important question with test. What are you trying to accomplish wether it’s to have a approach into par fives are a total distance machine. That I think is the real story behind this test.

    11. TK Benge says:

      Interesting that the Ping G425 was not in the line up.

    12. J Geary says:

      The spin numbers say change the shaft to get distance more aligned with the Stealth. 1k difference in spin is more than significant. As an aside, I owned the Mizuno 3 and 5 was for a year. I do not like BIG headed fairways or the feel of this one. Same with Sim Ti (Stealth-like) – too BIG, too deep.

    13. 430 dollars for a fair wood is absolutely dog shit that thing better hit the ball for me at that price

    14. Omnis says:

      If you go back and look at the numbers in each respective video, the Stealth Plus 3W is almost EXACTLY the same as the 300 Mini Driver hit by Mikey. Can you guys do a head-to-head with these, and maybe include the Stealth Plus Rocket?

    15. Paul Booij says:

      I got the sim2 this winter and it's a cannon. I love it, nice small fades, great for the cold virtual holes in Canada.

    16. JAP Seven says:

      Taylormade do make the best fairways they are always bombers which I like off the tee if I’m having a bad day with the driver

    17. VitaminD says:

      I have a cobra 3 hybrid that I hit well, just don’t see a reason for me to get a wood. Feel free to tell me why I’m wrong if you feel that way.

    18. Ugly Golf says:

      Nice video lads.
      I still use the r7 CGB max fairways 3 & 5 had them since 2008 and love them.
      However I often think about having the 16.5 & a 20 hybrid. It’s about time for a change 😂

    19. How less forgiving is the plus vs the stealth? I am looking or a 13 degree or 13.5 rocket. Dont' want to turn up 15 because it opens the face which I naturally fade it to begin with? Does anyone except TM carry a 13 rocket?

    20. slange2scott says:

      Hi guys , im considering playing a 3 wood shaft in a 5 wood head , is there any negative things i should look out for . Thanks

    21. We continue to hear over & over, the shaft is the engine of the golf club. I wish TXG would talk about the shaft used for each club during their testing.

    22. Would’ve been a better comparison to use the more forgiving 3 woods stealth regular and ST-Z to match up against TSi2 3 wood.
      Mix and matched low spin and more forgiving models is confusing and not an even apples to apples comparison

    23. I have a hi launch Ping G2 2 iron. I'm able to get great launch, at times it goes just as far as my 3 wood, which I struggle to get up. My Question is, when my 2 iron is going about 195. What's the benefit of a 5 wood?

    24. Finally have gotten my swing with my woods and drivers to a pretty consistent place and I’m so pumped to go get fit for driver/FW/hybrid

    25. Ryan Little says:

      Now let’s redo driver tests with these guys 👍

    26. Gareth Shaw says:

      Stealth plus v tsi 3 v rogue st low spin next please. Great video to understand correct numbers.

    27. How does the titlest TS1 3 wood stack up?

    28. dougmael says:

      For the last two seasons, my "3-wood" has actually been a 16.5* Titleist TS2 that I also have set to 15.75* loft. However, in the last few months, I have acquired both a 16.5* Tour Edge Exotics 721 Pro 16.5* 4-wood and a Sub 70 16.5* 4-wood (all three of these clubs are between 42.25" and 42.5" in length). I find that the higher loft and slightly shorter shaft length on these clubs helps me in a few different ways — better accuracy and great ball flight being among them. My clubhead speed is about 4 to 5 MPH slower than Mike's with a fairway wood (I'm in the 93-94 MPH range), and I will NEVER go back to the 13.5* to 15* 3-woods that I gamed for many years.

    29. Phil Davis says:

      Just added a 5wd to the bag. Alternate with the 3wd depending on the course.

    30. What are the little dots I see on some of the club faces for?

    31. Best decision i made fairway wood wise was going to a 5wood head but to a 3 wood spec shaft

    32. Maybe I missed this but why not compare the TSi2 with the same Ventus Blue as the others? Or the others in Red instead of blue? Curious how much of a difference that might have made.

    33. M OK says:

      Nice review guys.. would you be able to provide the specs on each club?

    34. Love the content from TXG! Are there any plans to do some more fittings/club reviews with a lady and to review ladies-equivalents of clubs like Stealth and Rogue ST so we can see how they perform?

    35. Gerald Hua says:

      Still using my Nike Sasquatch 2 3-wood! Very hard to replace that one.

    36. Tim Fourberg says:

      Which shaft has been in the Stealth TI? Ventus Blue maybe, but which one?

    37. Sean Cook says:

      My 3 wood is a 5w @ 16.5* then down to a 7w @ 20.5 Gapping works perfectly

    38. S cannon says:

      Lower spin on your 3 wood isn't great if you're playing into a green though right? I don't want a bullet that runs through the green.

    39. David Poore says:

      My Samsung phone thinks Ian is saying "Okay Google" when he saying "Okay Mikee"! Must be the accent. Ha ha!

    40. Great vid as always guys!! Was not expecting that big of gain with the Taylormade Ti!!

    41. SC Kildare says:

      Rangers are shit but great content 👌😉

    42. Watched this video last night and had a full bag fitting today at Club Champion. Tried 4-5 different 3 Woods and all very similar, then we tried the Stealth and omg 😳😳. 25 yards longer than everything else along with better dispersion.

    43. Gary Davis says:

      Mike is very consistent. Turn that Stealth lie angle up one degree to match the center strike he gets with the Titleist and he’d kill it.

    44. What about the standard more affordable stealth

    45. Love the new team and how these tests seem to be more relatable.

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