Top Golf Tips to Master the Pitch Shots

Do you battle together with your pitch photographs on the golf course? With these primary suggestions you’ll learn the way to pull of those photographs on the golf course with ease. #pitchshots #golftips #pitching

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    32 Replies to “Top Golf Tips to Master the Pitch Shots”

    1. WD Thompson says:

      In the Army we say 'train as you fight'. Then you'll fight as you've trained. I love the format of this instruction video. A little bit theory with a some practice closed out with some real world applications to confirm excellence. Thanks Matt!

    2. Sam Leijen says:

      Many thanks mate…its starting to work for me here in New Zealand.

    3. K Terlau says:

      Another great program my friend. Be well.

    4. I really wanted you to say "pitching ain't easy, but it's necessary"

    5. David Runion says:

      My Hi Toe 60 is maybe my favorite club

    6. Great video, the 30 and 40 yard pitch is the weakest part of my game. Can't wait to practice!!

    7. Clay Nast says:

      "Pitchin' aint easy, but its necessary" – Ice Cube

    8. A nice practice game you can do is play the par 5's as normal. The par 3's and 4's hit your shot into the green. Judge honestly how well you hit it into the green. Take your ball and give yourself chips and/or pitches. The better the approach shot the easier the chip or pitch. The worse the approach the worse you give yourself for pitches and chips. Try to score as low as possible. Puts pressure on the 5's as your only birdie opportunities. Works on your short game on the course

    9. I bounced around on golf content, how to’s, tips, etc, I kept coming back to MrShortGame. Just the flow, the inside look, his game is nails, I like it my guy.

    10. Nicklas buch says:

      Fantastic videos! Just love it:-)

    11. Good deal thanks for sharing

    12. Nick Hulsing says:

      On chips and pitches, how far on to the green are you trying to land the shot?

    13. Mr Short is one of the BEST golf instructors on youtube!

    14. S C says:

      I’m back after shoulder surgery so refreshing my short game. I used this chip and slide method before my shoulder surgery and it was really helping! Thank you so much – can’t wait to put it in action

    15. scotttogoto says:

      Par is good ☺️

    16. these course mgmt videos are excellent

    17. How can you not hit it straight right with the face so open?

    18. Love the hat. “Could have shoot 76” 😄

    19. Alan Taylor says:

      I do a similar thing when playing midweek fun games, i pick a club from 8 iron to gap wedge and play all my pitches/chips with that club for the day and am starting to see results

    20. I love this guy, he is a golfer on crack coccaine 247. Golf need more drug bra!!!!. I respect the honesty in the videos nice 👌 👏

    21. Head5959 says:

      White Columns. Fastest and firmest greens in Atlanta. Like landing on a pool table.

    22. Ron_Google says:

      In the first case, the 40-yard shots. Why not use a 54 or 56 to have the loft you want vs. a Gap 50* wedge then opening it to 56 (aprox.)? Of course, use a 56 with more bounce, e.g. 12* bounce vs. opening the face. I find opening face is less accurate, trying to align the club to target (left aim). Keeping it simple, square and swing away. Unless opening a very very tiny say max 5 degrees?

    23. Joe says:

      Mr short game changed my chipping from Terrible to my strong suit in my game

    24. Great lessons as always, but the format was very fresh, and unique. Looking forward to seeing more.

    25. Really honest tips on my level, I appreciate it.

    26. MrSaints74 says:

      That is so funny when you try not to put it on the green and end up 8ft. from the hole.

    27. zimway57 says:

      Do you line up your feet open left of target when you open the club face to get more bounce? It seem like the leading edge of club will be aimed right of target if you don't adjust stance.

    28. 9 times out of 10 I would chuck that pitch right into the water and then try to get up and down for my 7. I will be working on the foot work drill I saw in another one of your videos.

    29. Randy Ware says:

      I bet all your good friends have a great golf game too, man I would have loved to have a friend to learn the game, instead of figuring out what works best for me

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