Top Tips to Take your Range Swing to the Golf Course

Top 3 tips about how to take your driving vary swing to the golf course. #golftips #fixyourswing
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    23 Replies to “Top Tips to Take your Range Swing to the Golf Course”

    1. Ian Bybee says:

      Definitely gonna use these tips on the course. A busy mind is my biggest enemy on the course. One thought at a time and "let it happen" when over the ball sound like tips that would help me think less and play more. I always say, when all else fails, "see ball, hit ball" is the best way to play. Keep up the content!!

    2. Rick Miller says:

      Hey MrShortGame, have you heard of this launching device called Ropsodo Mobile launch Monitor? any feed back for this item. interested in buying it and wanted to know what your thoughts are. Tks in advance Rick

    3. Don't worry, all divots were repaired in this video.

    4. I do the opposite 1st, I bring the course to the range. After warm up, you pretend to play a par 4 or par 5 with a Driver off the tee and an iron as 2nd shot. Say its a par 4, take Driver, go thru preshot routine, pick a narrow target to land it and hit ONLY 1 shot. No mullies or breakfast ball bs if you hit it bad. If you hit it ok, then take any iron as your 2nd shot and pick a flag and hit it ONLY once.Then play other holes and so on with diferent distances on your 2nd shots alternating the clubs, just like real golf .
      On short holes, you can tee off with 3w or hybrids etc.
      If you mess the tee shot, say you topped it, hit 3w or hybrid to advance it as close to the green, and now that you are near imaginary green, you pick a wedge to pitch it on the green, just like we do when we screw a hole on the course.
      Gr8 video as always Matt.

    5. Frank Zayas says:

      Jeez, when did you shoot this? Because I'm in the Atlanta area also and I can't remember the last short sleeve day we've had around here!

    6. Come to Arizona and play anthem country club. It’s part of the club Corp family and in a great location and 2 awesome courses

    7. A constructive swing thought. Shallowing the club during the downswing helps keep the left hip going around rather than up then around. Matt I don’t see any worn spots on your golf shirts. The left shoulder makes contact with the chin. You’ve got old caps with sweat marks on the brim. And spray that helps remove the old sweat marks. So let’s see some old shirts.

    8. Kevin Hi says:

      I do got some to lose, lots of money if I like clubcorp's deals 😂

      too young anyways atm. Not traveling so no reason to get it. It's good if you do a lot of work travel i guess. Love the idea otherwise!

    9. Are you wearing a Nexbelt?

    10. Stephen V says:

      Great tips, that's one great swing you have there too so smooth.

    11. Scott Smith says:

      Did anyone see his real swing "hitting the ball" ever flatten out? Neither did I….lol.

    12. F1Partisan says:

      It sounds more like bringing the course to the range, not the range to the course~!
      not sure I understand "level of commitment" DO i think about thinking about swing thought? for low level, I only understand thinking about it or not. How does one commit more, if I do more movement it is too much. do i just add the word very in the thought? I do not understand how one does not include all shots. I cannot get to the first par three without using my range swing work.

    13. Jeremy Symes says:

      Great video, I’ve come along way listening to your tips 🤛🏻👍🏼

    14. Bryan W. says:

      Commit or be Committed? sometimes this game drives me both ways…Just ask my wife.

    15. Edward says:

      Life is too good to play gold during winter time in northern hemisphere

    16. I’m starting to like theses Friday fixes

    17. Tim Ruiz says:

      Just yesterday I was practicing on my net on shallowing out my swing and kept thinking to myself about taking it to the course tomorrow. This was perfect timing

    18. Can’t go to the course…lockdown for the whole malaysia 🇲🇾…looking forward to start hitting the ball again 😆😆😆

    19. Every day should be practice. My only issue is weather here in western nc it is freaking cold. Plus mother nature keeps hitting us with rain and snow. Cmon warmer days

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