TOUR EDGE E722 IRON REVIEW // High Handicap Game Improvement Iron Testing

With Mac Boucher taking part in the position of proper handed larger handicap golfer, we overview the brand new 2022 Tour Edge Exotics E722 Game Improvement irons for distance, really feel, efficiency, and worth.

The Tour Edge E722 Irons characteristic quite a few applied sciences catering to enhance distance and really feel together with a vibration dampening system known as “Vibrcor”, Diamond Face VFT ( Variable Face Thickness) for extra ball velocity, and Excessive Toe weighting to assist with launching the ball larger and with extra velocity on mishits. We’ll put them to the check to see how they work for our larger handicap golfer!


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Filmed at: Tour Expertise Golf
Customized Golf Membership Becoming Studio – Toronto, Canada


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    37 Replies to “TOUR EDGE E722 IRON REVIEW // High Handicap Game Improvement Iron Testing”

    1. Wayne Young says:

      Picking up the iron’s soon
      From the old Brosnan Mustang 1988
      Too the new E722
      7 iron is super smooth
      The other irons have arrived at the shop waiting to be picked up
      Cannot wait

    2. Ray Farrell says:

      Well done guys. I guess as a picker of the ball and with a slight draw on my irons I should maybe look at the C?

    3. Alvin F says:

      Ian .. I suggested this review and thanks for doing it. Love my e721s!!

    4. Buffetdesert says:

      12:35 Mac is so good swinging righty that I didn't even realize he was playing ''wrong'' handed this session. 😄

    5. How about a righty hitting a right handed club. I just don't see the point.

    6. mtg42c1 says:

      Wait, doesn't he normally hit lefty?

    7. Doug Roberts says:

      Is anyone else pissed that Mac can hit better right handed than you can? LMAO! Mac is a true talent

    8. Erick G says:

      man those are as wide as bricks

    9. TomB says:

      I struggle with thick soled irons, and my miss is a heavy draw. I find getting under the ball with wide sole difficult.

    10. Kirk Caraway says:

      This demonstration of how narrow sole helps a shallow swing maybe answers the question of why the Mizuno 223 pros I demoed recently felt so much smoother and cleaner through impact than my Srixon ZX5s. But when I looked up the specs on both clubs, I found something interesting. The soles of the Srixon irons start out wide in the short irons and get narrower as they get longer. The Mizuno irons are the opposite, starting wide on long irons (with the 4 iron still slightly narrower than the ZX5) and going narrower from there. Why is that? I would think the longer the iron, the shallower the swing, the more need for a narrower sole. Any thoughts? Also, how does that VT sole on the Srixon impact how this fits a shallow/steep player?

    11. Not the greatest ball striking, maybe should have a warm up off camera prior to the vid, so we get a slightly better comparison.

    12. david emery says:

      Can you guys do a video showing what happens if you have the wrong flex for your swing speed.

    13. Kyle Walker says:

      Currently playing the e721 6-pw, still getting use to them, curious to know the difference between e722 & if worth the upgrade?

    14. Golf Buddy says:

      Nice to see you got Cam Smith on the channel!

    15. Florida Guy says:

      I'm a mid handicap that recently made the switch to blades and it was the best decision I've made. My tendency to hook the ball has drastically been reduced and distances are more consistent. Not to mention, they are sexy in the bag!!

    16. Drew V says:

      Tour Edge's awful outdated logo aesthetic is holding them back.

    17. Jacob Brooks says:

      I thought Mac was left handed

    18. badbhoy1982 says:

      Surprised yr not already travelling to Seville 😀

    19. Ian and TXG team. Mygolfspy recently shared club testing data that truly changed the dynamic around these club reviews and testing. In their test with the TM Stealth vs. Sim 2, there was significant difference in distance gains based on swing speed. I now have to view all these reviews through that lens. You may want to have high AND low swing speeds on these tests.

    20. Rob S says:

      Curious. If you deloft the club and are shallow still. How does the wider sole of the club come into play? Really only if you add loft right?

    21. The problem with irons lofted like this is the people buying them will not have the club head speed that Mac has, which will make even the 7 iron have a low peak height.

    22. Gary Hovey says:

      Great review, Mack does a solid job providing feedback. Looking forward to the C722 review!

    23. Colton Moore says:

      Can we please get a comparison, or your top driving irons and utility irons?

    24. Rob S says:

      please put these up against some oldies 🙂

    25. Scott Hansen says:

      Tour Edge makes some solid clubs for the price. Some of the exotics have started getting up to the price point of main vendors so have moved some of my exotics to other vendors

    26. OgShu says:

      Tour edge vs Pxg 0211… price pretty close

    27. $111 still can't compare to PXG's 0211 DC's at $79 or their forged Gen3 at $129.

    28. Really would love an in depth video on sole width relative to angle of attack. You’ve done one before but could use a more thorough refresh. Keep up the great content.

    29. what shoes is he using?

    30. Dave Fogel says:

      Those PXG 0211 are still the best value in golf… at least before the PXG rip off shipping rates.

    31. Matt C says:

      Let’s get a vid on Ian’s fourteen irons!

    32. Rick Cudmore says:

      Does TXG stock these heads to test when getting fitted? It is difficult to test direct to consumer irons.

    33. I was looking at these irons but found them a little bit chunky. I think they are Super Game improvement irons. But I will love to see a review of the C722. I will love to see a comparison against the P790 or other player distance irons.

    34. Neal Terrio says:

      I know the 4 iron isn't for this "level" but those numbers suck for 94 club speed, I would really like a test of a 7 vs a 5 iron (strong vs traditional). Really nail down the difference, or is there??? All you are doing is adding more clubs at the bottom of the bag when you don't have speed. Move up to another set of tees!

    35. Matt C says:

      Pxg0211dc is 79 usd per iron. Definitely worth a test!

    36. More than ever, must see your Limited Edition Fourteens in action and review please… if possible both in Ian’s hands & Righty Mac’s hands

    37. T Beck says:

      Golf is so awesome! I still play my old Hogan Blades. If you hit the sweet spot they all play the same. Except for feel and spin.

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