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    25 Replies to “Trevor Immelman "Sick And Tired" of Disrespect”

    1. Greg Rymer says:

      Immelman trying to be tough. LMAO

    2. You need to move over to LIV Scottie

    3. ripem m says:

      As an American I was rooting for the Int team maybe not to win but for competition to be better

    4. Dan Mc says:

      The population of the President's Cup Nations from which the International Team can draw exceeds 6 billion. Yes, not a lot of people in many of those places play golf, but the sheer numbers. Sooner or later, they probably will play golf. I also look at their current players and see guys who can play and want to win. I do not think many think they were a joke, and they certainly can be a threat to win the Presidents Cup. One of their biggest strengths, the sheer number of people from which they can draw players, is also perhaps a weakness; how many of these guys have a lot in common other than golf? They have players from every continent but Europe and Antarctica. How many languages can they speak in that locker room? How many customs, etc.? Tough sometimes to build a team from that much diversity, and while the players all seem to really want to win, who are they really representing? The world except for the U.S. of A. and Europe? Also, a tough thing to build a team around.

    5. dspf68 says:

      Go Trevor! Best wishes taking the lead at CBS. Keep up the good work.

    6. So so much to digest.
      The international team was going to be no joke if it had all its resources against this American team, even if the US still had guys like DJ and the others at their disposal.
      But without those guys this was a joke. Spin it all you want but it was a joke.
      The US simply lost some focus in the middle there—and yes Trevor’s team also showed some heart—at least the Asian boys —ahem except Hideki.
      This also brings up Trevor’s mistakes,‘which we’re substantial. The Scott-Hideki duo never works because neither ever makes a friking putt. But feel good Trevor insisted.
      Also, the constant talking up the Americans and talking down the internationals from the international captain major backfired. It’s a good strategy but Trevor took it too far.
      Trevor also buried his stars when they clearly needed early points on Sunday.
      I have no doubt over time the internationals will be the most improving team of the 3.
      But with LIv being a better product than the pga tour, and pays better as well, the internationals will continue losing too many top players compared to the Yanks who will take a pay cut to play the increasingly decimated pga tour.
      From the beginning the belief here is this group led by Norman needed to be worked with because they are clearly very competent and even better funded.
      The pga tour is being led astray imo. Their pettiness won’t allow them to even keep international events international. It truly should be called the commissioners cup.
      So so 😢

    7. Lebski says:

      Your team is a joke though, Trevor.

    8. People choose where they are born , just have an event with the best players against the other best players and make everything even… it’s not that hard to conceive , then you wouldn’t have to be the team with no chance to start off

    9. Scott is not a good putter , you have to get the ball in the hole

    10. Jordan LeMay says:

      Good for Trevor! These rookies played lights out! I was very impressed with the International team and my hat goes off to all of them.

    11. The team is not the joke, it's the pga tour not letting the international team compete with the best international golf players from all the world tours.
      The odds makers had it as a gigantic joke.

    12. Prozac ladies and gentlemen

    13. Brent Woods says:

      This thing will not get interesting or compelling until it’s competitive. It has not been. The RC was a total bore until they added all of Europe. Then it got interesting. So quit whining and put a better team together next time. This event got off to a bad start with that BS tie Jack and Gary agreed to and has never recovered. It screamed “this event doesn’t mean much.” And thus it has been that way ever since.

    14. Norman Dowd says:

      Adam comments were those of true champion, Trevor of a crybaby loser.

    15. JJ C. says:

      hold your horses Trevor, who's calling your team a joke?

    16. Big Mike says:

      this team couldve benefitted greatly with rory and cam smith

    17. Kent Snider says:

      What I liked best about Saturday's competition at the President's Cup was that LIV supporting youtubers and social media 'experts' were forced to admit that the International Team really didn't need the LIV players who defected. By giving the last minute replacements such low odds of meeting the standard of play they claimed LIV players "would have" at Quail Hollow they painted themselves into corners they can't get out of now.

    18. Big Boots says:

      you play golf for crying out loud, get a real job

    19. Russel Clark says:

      You guys still played great. Sometimes great play, still gets out played. Nothing more, you still had a great team. Two great teams played during that event. No team was out classed. Don't get down. The international team was beat by a great team. Nothing more, nothing less.
      An awesome event with awesome teams.

    20. Mike says:

      Sick and tired of disrespect? Didn’t he just say he laughed at loud over the former captain of such a prestigious event wished him good luck? Can’t make it up 😂

    21. Neo Wick says:

      It’s a joke when the best available players aren’t allowed to play for political reasons.

    22. Mark Blevins says:

      I think the international team has some very talented players. I don’t think they are a joke at all. I’m sorry people act like they are a joke.

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