Trying Out One of The Top New Brands | Disc Golf Challenge

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Hunter, Trevor, and Konner face off utilizing solely Lonestar discs!
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    33 Replies to “Trying Out One of The Top New Brands | Disc Golf Challenge”

    1. Tim Miller says:

      The harpoon rules!

    2. Joseph Otts says:

      Hunter don’t ever introduce hole 2 like that again, or else 🤔

    3. Artie Maupin says:

      Konnor…..likes to……slap…..fat donks. I get it. Same.

    4. Gary Haws says:

      Mocking Bird spit out was disgusting. Ive had chain out before but that was incredible. Bright side that disc held the line so well. Love my Lone star discs, Glow tumbleweed is a great Hyzer flip bomber or roller, my curl is another great hyzer flipper, loving my war bird too. Dillo is a longer berg for me. great plastics love em.

    5. Drew Davis says:

      I'm late to the party but that mockingbird shot was 🔥

    6. Ohm G Stav says:

      I have two glow mockingbirds and have also had a spit out with one of them, and a black ace with the other. I love the disc, but I just thought it was a name, not a mantra!

    7. Can you guys do a TSA only round??

    8. The “Dos X” the way he said that killed me. Dos “equis”

    9. Mech0p says:

      makes no sense how that chain out happened. My guess is when it hit the chains all went up just a bit and as the chains came back down it kicked it out. That should of been in and that disc need to go in your bag.

    10. riosjr24ify says:

      Telling by the video the disc suck 😅

    11. Trevor's third person review was insanely hilarious

    12. Any one else notice the literal cloud of chain dust that shot up to the right? Hooolyyy smokes, real nice man!

    13. I got a glow Walker and it is the least glidey most overstable disc I've ever thrown … probably has a spot on a windy day, but not in the normal bag

    14. Thanks Guys for the entertainment! Always great to watch.

    15. TSK says:

      ”Name a song by David bowie. Dust in the wind” – A guy who knows alot about music

    16. Zach Irvin says:

      connor is so badddddd

    17. BoilerWizard says:

      Great video as alway!

    18. Love this!

      Great content guys, keep up the great work and we'll keep supplying you with great Texas Made plastic!

    19. I’m telling you, lone star discs has some of the best molds on the market! The armadillo and the curl are insane!

    20. these are my fav videos 🙂 please please please try RPM discs as a new Zealander that lives in California and using at least 10 rpm discs in my bag. This would be a dream for me 🙂

    21. Konner’s “iiiiiiiiii suck” killed me 😂

    22. Rowan says:

      Where was the Texas Ranger??
      That’s one of the best miss out there 😭

    23. Jason Hinga says:

      Kansas and David Bowie are very similar bands…😶…lol… Anyway I love the videos keep up the good work guys.

    24. Those discs must come with complimentary Texas wind!

    25. Larry hill says:

      I think Konner's game is improving playing with you guys.

    26. Kevin Nelson says:

      Dust in the Wind is by Kansas…not David Bowie. 😉

    27. James Peeler says:

      -mom can we have a disc golf channel
      -we have a disc golf channel at home
      -the disc golf channel at home…

    28. ghost says:

      That absolutely went through the cage and bounced out of the top!

    29. Rigid Discs says:

      You hit cage and then it flipped up touching the chains and then back out.

    30. Jairo says:

      The Intro is so sick!!! How new is that??

    31. tunitcstm03 says:

      Ive got a new video idea for you.
      Rule one: Metal counts.
      Rule two: fewest strokes wins.
      Let's see some ace runs, throw-ins, and huge putts.

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