TURNING AN ABANDONED WAREHOUSE INTO AN INSANE INDOOR DRIVING RANGE!!! We all drive past abandoned land or buildings and think, imagine if I could turn that into an insane golf course, a fantastic golf course! or even a huge driving range, a state of the art golf driving range!? in this video we look at the GOLFCATCHER ACADEMY on he south coast of England in POOLE… but what does it take to build your own driving range? build your own golf course? how much does it cost to build a golf course? building an indoor golf course? now that sounds ridiculous doesn’t it.. not any more. Lets do it… and lets do it now!



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    1. Derek Palmer says:

      I'm looking to do the same thing just a bit smaller scale with a bar.

    2. Mr Vince says:

      Looks tremendous, may I ask what the rough cost start to finish to set this all up? Bravo 👏🏼

    3. Liam Findlay says:

      Get one in Edinburgh, would be non stop money

    4. HDL says:

      your telling me you bought a warehouse (probably upwards of £200,000) , 8 £22,000 GCQUAD's, a putting facility, 8-10 individual powerful desktops(each about £400-£800 each) If theres one thing i can say is that whoever was funding this is MINTED!!!!!

    5. HDL says:

      hey @James Robinson Golf we deffinitely need one of these amazing facilities in dundee because although we have st andrews and carnoustie. we need one more further north to even out the new GOLDEN TRIANGLE!!!!

    6. James, my dream is to take this to the next level here in San Diego! I dream to have each bay have a lounge for the mates, and have a kitchen / bar to service the 18 hitting bays. On top of that, have a few private hitting bays for those who would like to have birthday parties. Any suggestions on how to start?

    7. Jake xxx says:

      I think in my opinion that you should do a bar upstairs and a gym in that downstairs room

    8. Mark260871 says:

      Leeds would definitely use if nearby

    9. jburchpga@gmail.com I want to bring this to houston texas.

    10. As a matter of fact we have thought about that!! lol

    11. keith ellis says:

      i worked in South Korea and they are very popular we went twice a week loved using them anyone know if they have one in the northeast of UK ??

    12. You need to bring one to the south east! I’d never leave!!

    13. It’s a crane mate

    14. Anton Phipps says:

      A great business idea..👍! I hope the owner gets the go ahead to progress & develop the idea further around the country..!! Ps, unlucky Gaz..🤣

    15. Dave Cox says:

      Great facilities could do with one of them in derby me and my mates would use one

    16. Randy Mahony says:

      Love it. Could use one of these in Bristol Ct. USA. All though there is a 1 bay facility here.

    17. any chance you could do smth like this in italy? around Milan would be ideal hahaha
      Great work man! keep it up!

    18. We need one of these where I live.
      Don’t mind running it for you 😁

    19. Great facility. Wish we had something like that in Los Angeles. Rents are ridiculously high so cost to the customer is high.

    20. Sim Pedros says:

      I wanted to do this but don’t have the funds or business know how. It’s defo needed in the Isle of Man as our only driving range is closed and won’t be reopened for at least a year maybe more !

    21. bambino719 says:

      Let me know when you bring one to Miami

    22. Me and my husband were talking about doing something like this over lunch today. In our local area (Oxfordshire) there is nothing like this on offer, especially in the colder months. It’s brilliant to see someone has done it.

    23. Dave Fogel says:

      Foresight graphics SUCK

    24. Great facility. Getting back into the game and something like this is ideal. South Wales????

    25. This is something of a bonus. I’m pretty rubbish at golf and…..I live in Poole. Time to go and get less rubbish!

    26. Beautiful driving range. Come to the states and build a few on the east coast. We will definite be there. Great idea. James, your doing a great job with all the videos. Thanks from Pennsylvania,USA

    27. Touch of 'TLC' from the Mrs might have helped. When will she be on again?

    28. Liam McBride says:

      I'm in Edinburgh and we are major struggling for any simulator based stuff round here. Nearest thing is a toptracer range about 35 miles up the road but its small and you need to wait up to an hour for a bay sometimes.

      Get somewhere in Livingston and you would appeal to both Edinburgh and Glasgow based golfers. Plenty of them to appeal to!

    29. Bazza Clarky says:

      That would go down a storm in Carlisle. Amazing set up. Got me thinking now……. Change of career perhaps? 🤔

    30. Ollie says:

      I want to see one of them like in my house

    31. Michael G says:

      This looks amazing, would love one down Essex 👍🏾

    32. This looks class. Something like this on the north coast of northern Ireland would be great. We have plenty of courses but lack a proper driving range facility. With this being indoor as well it would be very popular with the inclement weather we experience, especially in the winter!

    33. Fred Marks says:

      My town needs one of these bad. Lol

    34. Doug Roberts says:

      Bar and cigar lounge!

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