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    14 Replies to “TXG LIVE // Golf Equipment & Fitting // Q&A // 01.16.2023”

    1. Rufuss Thoo says:

      Welcome back Bandit 😀

    2. Re: the question about loft sleeves. Two videos I found very helpful on this topic:



      Enjoy! Hopefully the boys/lads agree with the information in the videos, or else I'll be very embarrassed….

    3. chile says:

      no new srixon driver/fairway review?

    4. Big question for you guys. New Cobra Combo set or Haywood Combo set? Both look great!

    5. Austin Lauer says:

      Thanks for the shout out guys. I was out working on a swing change myself. Toughest day I've had in a range session in a long time. By the way good to see @BanditBaker back!!

    6. Where’s Mike? 😂 Happy Monday!

    7. Another great Monday session from you all, thank you very much. Learned a lot. Looking forward to this weeks vid's

    8. Daniel Dias says:

      Since there was some chat about TXG Calgary, I’ll say that my experience was just fine. If I hadn’t been watching this channel for as long as I have (and therefore have above average understanding of fittings) I think things would have gone south. I knew exactly what I wanted from the fit, and kept my eye on what I wanted. The fitter lost the control of the fit a bit. I was also pretty annoyed that I couldn’t do the test with the type of grip I like. I’ll likely visit again in the Summer, and I’ll report back.

    9. Great stuff as always guys! One big revelation for me was the discussion on people hitting differently on LMs than on the course…I’ve been using a LM for the first time the last few months as my winter trainer…Finally starting hitting my irons really well, but when I get to the course, I’m thinning almost all of them…Oddly, I don’t practice my driver because my garage ceiling is too low and I’m crushing that club on the course! LOL…Good to know I’m not the only hitting my irons thin on the course after working on the LM…

    10. Sorry I am late to the party! Super busy day with quarter-end work. I was wondering when the Srixon prototype balls will be tested?

    11. Haven't caught a Live since you changed the time..always in the middle of something…😪 it's just at the wrong time for me…
      Still watch them though……G430 fairway review?

    12. Seve Tierney says:

      Hi guys question rhe standard grips on titliest T200 irons seem very narrow would u go midsize from Steve Tierney

    13. Jim Smith says:

      Don’t dumb it down for us with Scott! He’s such a good resource for us to learn from. Let him do his technical stuff!!

    14. 4591babolat says:

      How would you compare the forgiveness level of i59 to new taylormade MC’s to the cobra king tour. I was fit for i59 with mmt shafts. But was waiting for cost. These two come with the shaft as an option so would save a lot of $. Would be curious y’all’s thought

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