U.S. Open Classic Finishes: 2006

At Winged Foot Golf Membership, Phil Mickelson was zoning in on his third straight main title, however when it is Sunday on the U.S. Open, something can occur.

The US Golf Affiliation (USGA) conducts lots of golf’s most prestigious championships, highlighted by the U.S. Open, the U.S. Ladies’s Open and the world’s premier newbie championships. Based mostly in Liberty Nook, N.J., the USGA governs the sport within the U.S., its territories and Mexico.

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    47 Replies to “U.S. Open Classic Finishes: 2006”

    1. pulsar_ says:

      As a Tiger fan who never liked Phil, seeing him walk up to the 18th green with that stupid grin on his face was so awesome 😂

    2. GoogleSucks says:

      Don't know if it's the USGA or youtube…….quality of video sucks. And the sidebars, out of focus just suck too!

    3. Tyler Morro says:

      Listening to Roger Maltbie talk about Phil on 18 is just hilarious. He literally sounded nauseous and just couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

    4. Noonan says:

      Johnny Miller ! This better be a 4 Wood ! 😂😂😂

    5. Gordon Gekko says:

      Bones!!! Why didn’t you grab that Club out of his hand hit him over the head and hand him a three iron!

    6. Johnny Miller with all of the weird golf terms… lol

    7. old mcdonald says:

      Is it just me, or does Ogilvie look like Aaron rogers?

    8. old mcdonald says:

      Furyk looks like a turtle and plays like a turtle. Cant stand to watch him.slooowwww

    9. Part1 says:

      Seeing pros struggle for pars is really cool, makes you utilize every facet of your game.

    10. Stan Lee says:

      Johnny Miller absolutely 💯 👌 all-time comments here. Worth the watch to enjoy his commentary

    11. Winged foot played so brutal that week with high roughs and really fast greens winner was at +5 1974 played so hard the winner was +7 Jack Nicklaus shot +14 a prime Nicklaus highest score ever in his career

    12. spacesplaces says:

      This was such a Phil day in all the wrong ways. I do hope he wins a US Open eventually, even though he's now Champion Tour eligible.

    13. What is it with Dan's obsession with Monty. Monty was always a knob.

    14. just sunny says:

      Montys collapse reminds me of Kenny Perrys collapse at the 18th Masters in 2009.

    15. Kenneth says:

      I didn’t realize how awful the commentary was. Just awful. But it was nice watching Montgomery lose. Funny… I was screaming for Padraig’s shots to go in.

    16. old mcdonald says:

      furyk should be fines every week for slow play. hard to watch him.

    17. Kane Pillers says:

      Reminds me of another famous Australian champion, Steven Bradbury.

    18. Brett S says:

      This open deserves full 18 hole coverage. People forget Geoff Ogilvy was +1 Thru 7 holes with a 2 shot lead

    19. Real says:

      I didnt even remember Geoff won a major.

    20. R G says:

      Amazing how so many players careers go downhill after winning a Major Championship. Ogilvie, a player who always seemed to contend, just could not maintain his momentum after winning this US Open.

    21. ysgol3 says:

      Monty should have hit his 2nd on the 18th when Singh was still sorting out his drop, no penalty for playing out of turn and he'd have hit the green. By the time he did hit his rhythm was destroyed.

    22. ysgol3 says:

      Ogilvy was so lucky on the 17th with his 3rd shot, how it didn't bounce into the thick rough was amazing – then he chipped in of course.

    23. cndvd says:

      I was just wondering what club did Monty switch too last second ? Did he club up or club down ? And why ? Nerves got to him.

    24. padraig harrington can't have a knee knocker he puts with his legs 85 feet apart

    25. Jim Furyk is more irritating than my mother in law.

    26. This final round is what turned me into a golf fan and oddly enough a huge Mickelson fan 😆 The drama of his collapse was just incredible to watch. The NASCAR race at Michigan was in a rain delay so I decided to turn on this final round and I became hooked.

    27. FranQ says:

      24:52 One of the worst putts you'll ever see

    28. In a sense Phil was tricked into thinking he could hit the fade on his 2nd shot, just like he did on #17. The Golf Gods objected to such foolishness and the rest is history.

    29. Imagine Jack or Tiger in Phil's shoes on the 18th Tee. Jack would have blistered a one iron down the middle and Tiger would have hit the stinger.

    30. Matthew says:

      THIS is GOLF. Not watching Pros not be challenged by shooting -30. I love watching them struggle like we do. Every tournament should be like this.

    31. Tyler Morro says:

      Looking forward to September 17-20, 2020 as Winged Foot hosts another U. S. Open!

    32. azapro911 says:

      At least three van de Veldes in that final hour.

    33. Richard E says:

      Ben Hogan has officially rolled over in his grave.


    34. DanielSong39 says:

      Ogilvy was leading for much of the day (including at the start of this video)

    35. TheMrLandon says:

      Who do you think is haunted the most by this? In order, I'd say Phil, Monty, then Furyk. And as I'm typing, I feel like the answer has to be Monty. Lord, what a tournament this was.

    36. David Luck says:

      did this actually happen?? Had to go back and watch the last 3 groups play 18 again. Just to make sure.

    37. Chris Owen says:

      My least favorite thing to hear from a commentator is this guy “coulda won if” every guy in the field “coulda won if” lol. Great finish

    38. THE JACK HQ says:

      Could you imagine if Phil won in his final year on tour here at Winged Foot, during a year when so much hope around the world has gone down the drain? How much of an impact that would have would be astounding!!!!

    39. He played the last like a Sunday hacker

    40. "that better be his 4 wood" man oh man, Lefty. maybe the draw rip with that club on 18 might've done it. even after the wayward drive it looks like he could've pitched to the cross path where the galleries walked and got some extra roll. hard to tell for sure in the video. thanks for posting this.

    41. DarkEyes86 says:

      Back then Mickelson didn't have any discipline in his game. If he was older I believe he would have punched down the fairway been 3 on and 2 putt for a 5. Mickelson def would have had the edge in an 18 hole playoff with the crowd behind him and his short game.

    42. P Dub says:

      1:20:44 'Whats another minute or two?'

      Turns out, from hearing interviews with Monty, quite a lot. Never really liked him when he was playing but watching this I am screaming at him to not change clubs. This may be the worst shot of the whole video.

    43. Brian Luck says:

      1:38:43 poor kid ask Phil will you sign this. The blue shirt ranger like no come on kid

    44. slappy0077 says:

      colin blames Vijay for his loss, the fact is he was too chicken to play a draw into the green like Ken Ferrie did.

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