Ultimate Iceberg of Unexplained, Bizarre, and Unsolved [Extended Cut]

Life is full of fascinating mysteries that lie just beyond the veil of our understanding. Despite living in an era of incredible technological advancement, there are still some things that remain unexplained. But it is precisely these elusive and enigmatic subjects that fuel our imagination and leave us yearning for more. They are the tantalizing questions that inspire us to delve deeper into the unknown and challenge us to unlock the secrets that lie hidden in the shadows. So let us embrace the mystery, for it is in these unanswered questions that the magic of life truly resides.

This is the ultimate iceberg of the unexplained, bizarre, and unsolved.

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00:00 Intro
00:18 Layer 1
01:14:17 Layer 2
02:29:02 Layer 3
03:10:55 Layer 4
03:40:47 Layer 5
04:47:49 Layer 6
05:42:14 Layer 7
06:40:58 Layer 8
07:52:17 Layer 9 (Bonus Content)

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Plain of Jars, Prison Planets, Ringing Rocks Park, Rongorongo, Rudloe Manor, Sea Peoples, Singularity, Skyquakes, St. Vitus’ dance, Star Jelly, Sycamore Knoll, Technocracy Theory, TempleOS, Track 61, Tulpas, Unknown Bunkers, Wendigo, Wessex Way Monster, Will o’ the Wisp,
0888-888-888, 3M Force Field, Altamaha-ha, Bear Lake Sea Monster, Black Stick Men Phenomena, Boriska Kipriyanovich, Bridgewater Triangle, Clapham Wood mystery, Devil’s Tramping Ground, Dighton Rock, Dream Hacking, Duhare Tribe, Enneagram Enlightenment, Esalen Institute, Falcon Lake incident, Golden Ratio, God Entered into my Body as a Body the Same Side, Grey goo, Gibbons Twins, Kokogi, Metro-2, Monster with 21 Faces, Nevada Triangle, 1561 Nuremberg phenomena, Operation Highjump, Pedro Mountain Mummy, Pittsburgh Protractors, Ricky McCormick Code, Robert Golf and Glass Cameras (see Golf Rumors), Ron Legarski, Russian Cauldrons, Salish Sea Feet, Shepherd’s Monument code, Solar Plexus Clown Gliders, Stargate Project, Sweating sickness, Toynbee Tiles, Ural Relief Map, Van Heijst’s Lights, Vela Incident, Verde Treasure,
6th extinction, Abaka Alignment, Ashtar Command, Blackbird of Chernobyl, Broders Engine, Cameraheads, COINTELPRO, Coral Castle, Deep Sea Lab Techs, DMT Beings, Door Dogs, Dropa Stones, Empty Internet, Endless Elevators, The Bélmez Faces, Hellfire Club, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Himalayan Zombies, Hoia Baciu forest, Introspection Rundown, John Lawson house, Judaculla Rock, Kerry_p_tman, Knights of the Golden Circle, Lake Winnipesaukee Mystery Stone, Mayan Apocalypse Prophecy shift, Mpemba Effect, Nibiru Cataclysm, Oumuamua, Phantom Kangaroos, Pygmy Tunnels of Monte Alban, Red Mercury, Rudolph Fentz, Russian Experiments in the Revival of Organisms, Shadow People, Sky-Snag Theory, Solid Light Phenomena, Starlite Composition, Toronto Protocol, Ummo Case, USS Nimitz incident, Virus 23, Wetiko, Agenda 21, Archimedes Plutonium, Bootes Void, Booya Stones, Braneworld, Capgras Delusion, CCA-XX1, Center of the Universe, Coronal Heating, Dark Matter & Dark Energy, Death Valley Underground City, Despair Code, Dropa Tribe, Electromagnetic Field Consciousness, Hook Operators, Human Brain Source Code, Indigo Children, Iraqi Stargates, Kap Dwa, Lake Baikal mystery, Large Hadron Collider, Last Thursdayism, Life on Sun, Mars Bunkers, Mexican Zone of Silence, Midnight Game, Michigan Blue Hell, Montreal Mothership, Morphic Resonance and Morphogenetic Field, Nemesis Star, Oil Pit Squid, Oz Factor, Vault B, Pineal Gland Decalcification, Plant Intelligence, Project MARAUDER, Quantum Entanglement, Quantum Reality, Quantum Immortality, Roko’s Basilisk, Sacred Geometry, Self-Burying Hoses, Sentient Water Experiments, Silicon Based Life, Skin is an Alien Parasite (?), Stoned Ape Theory, Vatican Archives, Water is not from Earth, Whispers of Yellowstone, Unexplained, Bizarre, Unsolved, Mystery, Paranormal, Supernatural, Conspiracy, Strange, Enigma, Anomaly, Legend, Haunting, Cryptid, Occult, Myth, Alien, Ghost, UFO, Secret, Mysterious, Puzzling, Esoteric, Phenomenon, Abnormal, Spooky, Curious, Unknown, Unidentified, Anomalous, Weird, Eerie, Peculiar, Surreal, Mystical, Strange Phenomena, Unexplainable, Unsolved Mystery, X-Files, Fringe Science, High Strangeness, Esotericism, Secret Society, Supernatural Occurrence, Hidden Knowledge, Secret Knowledge, Unseen, Cryptic


42 Replies to “Ultimate Iceberg of Unexplained, Bizarre, and Unsolved [Extended Cut]”

  1. Always funny to me that those alleged alien sightings are conveniently located in the US all the time. They seem to be very picky with where they are landing lol I really wonder how common supposed UFO sightings are in Asia or Africa. You never hear from them, very sus 👀

  2. wiwysova says:


  3. Shard113 says:

    The Elka Park Area transmission was done by the livestreamer. You can fairly easily set up your own short range radio for your car to radio to pick up, since your vicinity is much closer than the tower your signal will override it locally. But, better yet, they just had two separate thing set up in the car. A radio set to whatever that station was, outputting to no speakers, and a separate source (the crying man thing) that was actually outputting to the speakers. I don't know wtf is this doing this low on the iceberg as it is practically nothing.
    Your video is great nonetheless, thank you.

  4. Jay P says:

    973-EHT-NAMUH-973 leads to a forum and it can be found in less than 12 clicks.

  5. Cort Major says:

    Bermuda Triangle although personally beloved as I grew up, is as it turns out – NOTHING- at least now.

  6. Layer 1, 2 and 3 I consider basic knowledge for every paranormal fan and conspiracy theorist. But the later layers had some interesting topics I never heard about. It was so much fun to watch!

  7. usayd khan says:

    Underrated bro this is 9 hours of info and people get millions of views because they wasted food

  8. Ron says:

    These conspiracies prove people are gullible and dumb

  9. Ron says:

    Too many ads

  10. Oh so I have Wetiko then? I'm only here bored waiting for NASDAQ to open, I find it funny it says native Americans said whtie people bought it. In the UK being poor is illegal and you get shunned from society if you have no interest in money or abusing people lower than you.

    I'm about as fake ass hey come now, wear expensive suits, designer clothe, have an iPhone.. and make loads of cash on the stocks.. not really me but I have to put this on and act this way if I want to see my kid and have a decent life again.

    Have ay of you played a game called "We Happy Few"?, I just want to end my statement by saying how perfect the UK is, this statement isn't criticism and I love the King..

  11. Kryzz says:

    morphogenetic resonance is stored in the balls

  12. Iama Licka says:

    Great video! The explanations and images really help with understanding and interest in each topic and I love the addition of theories and what appropriate officials believe in a lot of the topics. I can only imagine the time it took to research and construct this video and is one of my Top 3 iceberg videos I’ve ever seen. Keep up the good work and thank you for the amazing video!

  13. KthreeClutch says:

    Your video helps my fall asleep and have Wild Dreams!! Im on Day 2!

  14. This is a great educational compendium for noobs to the World of the Strange. ❤

  15. This is a great educational compendium for noobs to the World of the Strange. ❤

  16. Brooooo😂😂 the chupacabra was not founded in 95 🤣🤣💀

  17. i hate the 2016 clown sightings so much XD it was a ARG Viral marketing campaign for the remake of Steven Kings IT how doesn't anyone realize that?

  18. The Warrens were total frauds.

  19. Awesome content also i must say i enjoy the different Nintendo games songs in the back ground such as boos board walk, Majoras mask, and other zelda ones

  20. Chris Stokes says:

    I love th boodborne in the back ground

  21. Sp4cePigz says:

    The mad lad did it he made it even longer wtf

  22. Hobo Jon says:

    horrible narration/vid. there's ai more human than you.

  23. bella goth says:

    can't believe i finished the entire video

  24. EXTENDED CUT ???????????????????????????????????????

  25. Alex D says:

    The cause of the dead animals near the end of the video really is very likely fireworks. Fireworks are horrible for the environment and wildlife and disorient birds and bees. Animals will abandon their young too. As for the fish, the chemicals from some colors of fireworks can kill fish if they eat the particles that land in the water.

  26. What was removed from the original? I mean it was an iceberg what could have been flagged for removal???

  27. Take a shot everytime he says perplexing lol

  28. Delta Dark says:

    This man is going to get me killed by feds

  29. Joji says:

    I really like this video, a lot of the things in it I've never heard of before which is refreshing.

  30. And remember, your skin is an alien parisite 😉

  31. Zerek says:

    This is an AI voice lol

  32. Did u write the scritpt or is it AI

  33. Man’s out here talking about the Russian sleep experiment like it wasn’t a creepy pasta

  34. YltimateUIM says:

    The Toronto protocol is 100% happening with the extreme left agenda

  35. Ronnie Lopez says:

    9 and a half hours? jesus christ. youre awesome thanks for the content

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