Unplayable Ball – USGA Rule 19 Explained

Have you ever searched for your ball only to find it in an absolutely unplayable spot? Rule 19 in the USGA Rules of Golf handles that situation exactly. In this video we go over all aspects of Rule 19 and talk about all of the options we have with an unplayable ball. Click the thumbs up button if you like this video, share the video with your friends who might benefit from it’s content and subscribe to the channel if you want to see more videos. What’s in Andy’s bag: Titleist TSi3 Driver 10 degree A1 Setting – HZRDUS Smoke 6.0 Stiff Shaft Titleist TSi2 Fairway 15 degree – HZRDUS Smoke 6.0 Stiff Shaft Titleist TS2 Fairway 18 degree – TENSI Blue AV Series 65g S Flex Shaft Titleist 712U 2-Iron – Fujikura X Flex Shaft Titleist 620 MB Forged Irons 4-P – KBS Tour X Shafts Titleist Vokey Wedges SM8 Wedges – 50.08F & 56.08M – KBS Tour X Shafts Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura X5 – 34” Titleist Pro V1x – #22 What is Andy wearing: Foot-Joy Premier Series – Packard BOA Shoes Foot-Joy Sta-Sof Glove Foot-Joy Tour Golf Pants Byron Nelson Design Polo Stance Feel 360 with Infiknit Golf Socks Mission Belt To learn more about Eaglewood GC on Langley AFB go to: www.JBLEforcesupport.com/langley/eaglewood-golf-course To learn more about Andy go to: www.PGA.com/coach/AndyWeissinger Facebook: www.facebook.com/andyweissinger Twitter: www.twitter.com/PGAdad4two Instagram: www.instagram.com/pgarunner YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/AndyWeissinger


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    12 Replies to “Unplayable Ball – USGA Rule 19 Explained”

    1. RiverRuns NC says:

      Question about bunker player where there is water and there is no room to drop inside.

      If taking relief outside the bunker, is it 1 or 2 stroke penalty?

    2. Golflre says:

      What if you hit a ball in a penalty area and it becomes unplayable still in the penalty area? What do you do? Happened to me. My opponent let me play the red stake penalty options from the new ball position.

    3. ranjit mirje says:

      Q. You marked the possible new position of the ball in option three with Tee. Is it COMPULSORY to remove them before you make next stroke?

    4. RiverRuns NC says:

      Very well explained, especially distinguishing between the 1 club length for back-on-the-line vs 2 club length at the spot of the unplayable.

      Thank you!

    5. Rich says:

      Thanks for the video! Does this rule apply to a ball in a sand trap?

    6. Eric Fermin says:

      Option 2, you should be able to drop in a full 360, not a 180, as long as you are no closer to the hole from the original lie.

    7. Kent Molter says:

      I play on a course with a lot of spruce trees with ground-level branches. So the whole area under the branches is unplayable. If my ball ends up next to the trunk, it may still be unplayable even after two club lengths relief. Can I take two club lengths from outer edge of the tree instead of from where the ball actually lies?

    8. Go JINNY says:

      Thank you for the video. If ball goes over the green and spills into heavily wooded area where you can’t play it, how do you take a if there is no space for lateral or backward drop because it is dense forest. In other words only area you can drop will be closer to the hole than where the unplayable ball is lying.

    9. Neal L Irwin says:

      If it's unplayable just move it out and hit it some of us aren't playing for a million dollars

    10. stooch66 says:

      What if you blade a shot from 100 yards out, it goes over the green…and is now unplayable…lateral option is not available because of bushes surrounding. Are you basically stuck with just doing stroke and distance in that case?

      Seems so because option 2 means you have to keep the spot between you and the hole, and in this case going farther back behind the hole is not an option due to an OB fence.

      Have I gotten it right?

    11. When taking back on line of relief from the tree, if the line of relief puts you in the fairway are you allowed to drop in the fairway?? Or an adjacent fairway?

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