Unveiling Brian Harman's Golf Swing Analysis: You wont believe it

Watch as I break down every inch of Brian Harman’s golf swing! Prepare to be amazed as I uncover the hidden gems behind his jaw-dropping shots and unravel the mysteries behind his incredible win at the 2023 British Open. Don’t miss this golf swing analysis as it can show you how setup and the swing work hand in hand.

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00:00 Introduction
00:52 Brian Harman golf swing setup
02:32 Brian Harman take away to the top of the golf swing
05:30 Brian Harman transition and downswing


4 Replies to “Unveiling Brian Harman's Golf Swing Analysis: You wont believe it”

  1. Very Webb Simpson like.

  2. thiswaydown says:

    Do you take donation clubs? I have a bunch in my garage I’d rather donate then throw/sell.

  3. In Afrikaans gaan ek jou sê jy praat te veel kak rondom die waarheid..

    Niks fout met jou analise nie

    Net te veel onnodige nuances

    Sy lyfbou soos jy evalueer gaan net werk vir iemand van sy hoogte en lyfbou en het geen waarde vir iemand wat 6’2” is met lenige bou nie..

  4. Jerry Jones says:

    Thanks Tony for the video.

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