Use Good Pitching Technique to Improve Full Swing

It’s easier to perfect a short swing than it is a long one.

Mike is a golf pro in Raleigh NC. Mike is passionate about helping golfers shoot lower scores, stop slicing, stop hooking, hitting the ball pure, and hitting the ball solid. He works with beginner golfers as well as intermediate and experienced golfers. His YouTube channel is designed to help people with easy improvements in their golf swing, enjoy the game with their golf mates, perform well in a golf match, and putt better. You can learn the golf swing basics, increase golf swing speed, get new putting tips, learn golf putting techniques, different putting strokes, putting grip and putting drills. These golf instruction videos are designed to be fun so you can enjoy golf and play better golf.

Mike Sullivan teaches golf to players of all abilities in Raleigh NC. Mike also provides corporate golf lessons all over the United States at PGA Tour Tournaments. –

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    2 Replies to “Use Good Pitching Technique to Improve Full Swing”

    1. Great video as always. How do you go about signing up for the short game classes on Sat? I can't make the Tuesday classes because I am still working. Rev

    2. John M Blake says:

      I have room in my backyard for the 30 yard shots. As soon as it dries back up from the 1.5” of rain today and warms up.

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