Used Golf Club Condition Ratings: Used Fairway Woods in EXCELLENT Condition

It really doesn’t get any better than buying used golf clubs, like used fairway woods, in EXCELLENT condition. Here you are saving money at GlobalGolf and still adding the latest technology to your golf bag. No matter if you’re in the market for used women’s golf clubs or already know you’re ready to upgrade to a used Callaway fairway wood, GlobalGolf follows a thorough process to ensure your new-to-you golf club is high quality (and likely rarely used). When you see EXCELLENT noted on a used fairway wood, here is what you can expect:
– Normal ball marks minimally visible on the face
– Very light scratching on the sole
– No abnormal crown or shaft wear

PGA Professional Ashley Young reviews’s preowned golf club condition ratings in order to provide you with a complete picture of your potential purchase. This video focuses on metal woods in Excellent condition.

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    4 Replies to “Used Golf Club Condition Ratings: Used Fairway Woods in EXCELLENT Condition”

    1. I notice none of your listings, at least with taylormade drivers and fairways, dont have the tool or headcovers, is there a reason for this? it would be nice to see either included in your future listings as your prices are very good.

    2. my excellent condition Sim max hybrid was mint! Im waiting for my Max driver to arrive and will report back. I will say the shipping time is a tad slow with Global golf but if the driver is like the hybrid itll be worth the wait.

    3. SprinklesAF says:

      Not a problem i had it repainted for free but thank u for noticing the comment 🙂

    4. SprinklesAF says:

      My excellent condition club had a sky-mark :l

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