VAITRIX | ECU Remap | Water/Methanol tank with liquid level sensor | installation | Australia

VAITRIX exclusively manufactures Water/Methanol tank with an optional liquid level sensor. When the water level is low, the LED will light up to provide a warning notification. However, during the installation process, there may be some intricacies, and the details are concealed within the video.

VAITRIX, a professional tuning brand from Australia, has the widest range of applicable products, including electronic throttle controller suitable for gasoline, diesel, and gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles. Also can be used with piggyback and ECU Remapping, high-quality power upgrades without sequelae. Vaitrix Piggyback can be equipped with the exclusive Bluetooth App – AirForce GO to switch stage1, stage2, and Stage3.

Piggyback and electronic throttle controller do not affect the original car engine warranty. With VAITRIX non-glare Boost Gauge, turbo pressure/water temperature/oil temperature, etc., connecting with the original sensor of your car, the data presents a 100% accuracy, the best way to monitoring the condition of the car.

For the best performance improvement, selecting Water/ Methanol injection kit, which has the best cooling effect, stable performance improvement, and double the power without hurting the engine when used correctly.

Upgrading performance in VAITRIX, the customized adjustment can be fully implement, and the program is adjusted according to the vehicle condition, modification and customer needs. Combined with Dynojet verification and HP Tuners Data Log, enjoy the performance bonus within a safe condition!

Vehicle Application List:
Audi、BMW、Porsche、Benz、Honda、Toyota、Mitsubishi、Mazda、Nissan、Subaru、VW、Volvo、Luxgen、Ford、Hyundai、Skoda、Mini、MG; Altis、crv、chr、kicks、cla45、Focus mk4、 sienta 、camry、golf gti、golf 8、polo、kuga、rav4、odyssey、Santa Fe、C63s、Elantra Sport、Auris、Mini R56、540i、G63、RS6、RS7、M8、330i、E63、S63、HS、A180、Kamiq、Kodiaq、X3、Macan、Q3…etc.。


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