Visiting A Scottish Shooting Estate | From Suit To Shoot | Episode 10

In Episode 10 of our Suit to Shoot Sequence, Kirby Allison has arrived at his ultimate vacation spot in Scotland, and his lodging for the capturing days to comply with. Craigsanquhar Estate is an Orvis endorsed wingshooting lodge, simply 6 miles from the historic city of St. Andrews and residential to the quitessential Scottish nation home. Set amongst 36 acres of woodlands and gardens, nestled within the rolling hills of Fife, this couldn’t be a extra picturesque location for the climax of this collection.

Normal supervisor of the property, Jason Herkes, was a perfectly gracious host, and was solely too joyful to take a morning to indicate Kirby across the property, giving us an unique take a look at what goes into operating a Scottish capturing property.

For extra details about Craigsanquhar Estate or to e-book a visit, please go to their web site:


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Visiting A Scottish (*10*) Estate | From Suit To Shoot | Episode 10
00:00 Beforehand within the collection
02:10 Arriving at Craigsanquhar Home
03:33 Assembly Jason Herkes
04:20 The historical past of the Home
05:18 The world
06:09 The gamekeeper
06:51 The lodge
07:18 The eating room & restaurant
08:44 Transition room and recognizing deer
11:41 The bar
12:28 Upstairs to Room 5
14:50 The grounds and walled backyard
16:37 Locker rooms
18:28 On the subsequent episode

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    43 Replies to “Visiting A Scottish Shooting Estate | From Suit To Shoot | Episode 10”

    1. Fantastic video Mr. Allison. My wife and I were married at Craigsanquhar estate on a sunny October day in 2015. Your video brings back many memories, particularly nervously sipping on a pint of that Scottish lager at the bar to calm pre-vow jitters!

    2. It's Fi-Fuh, but atleast you tried

    3. People in Britain and indeed Ireland take for granted many Hotels that have been based* on these country houses. That ambience that Kirby talks about is very real. Homely, welcoming with a roaring fire to relax beside. Its especially great around Autumn/Fall and in the cold mornings of Winter.

      *for clarity, a lot of these houses belonged to landed gentry and costly to maintain. a lot of them fell into disrepair as the children of the landowners moved into cities or went to London. So hoteliers bought them and maintained them, often refurbishing them extensively.

    4. I've enjoyed all of this series. I once held a Purdey double rifle. I was asked not to drool on it a second time. 😃

      I can't hang with you, Mr. Allison, but I am enjoying the outfitting and the hunt through your experience.

      Best regards.

    5. Melvin Cain says:

      This has turned out to be an epic video, every part interesting. Love those brown pleated trousers.

    6. John Smith says:

      The walls create a microclimate?? That’s super cool

    7. If he had told Kirby “no” when Kirby asked to look through the binoculars it would have been hilarious. The guy was enjoying looking through them so much he damn near forgot Kirby was there lol

    8. Makes me miss home! Such a good series.

    9. inf3ct3d r3x says:

      This whole adventure has been amazing. I really wish I could support the channel more than just watching the videos.

    10. How long is this series going to drag on for?…

    11. Pukeutuminen says:

      Live action role playing

    12. Oh boy. Really milking this for all it’s worth aren’t ya. Call this episode “paint drying”. 🤦‍♂️

      The cringe on the managers face and in his body language was palpable.

    13. hazbutler says:

      Its about time the British Aristocracy had its moment in the sun…..

    14. David Gibson says:

      Oh please! kirby and shooting estates go hand in hand. An outdated concept that has no place in a modern equal society.

    15. B Cavadinho says:

      Let's hope Kirby is a competent shot, safe with the guns and able to kill the birds cleanly. Everything else is a distant second.

    16. mljones99 says:

      I'd love for you to do a similar video or series but centered towards golf.

    17. TheNutriarat says:

      Unreal. You're not in Dallas anymore, Toto….lol. You had me at "Orvis".

    18. eljonno69 says:

      What brand are them binoculars, they look epic ??

    19. Jim Moss says:

      This is a documentary of history.

    20. london man says:

      congrats on a great series

    21. We still waiting for the walk in Humidor

    22. stunning, just stunning, the beauty of the design and flow of that house and the gardens, it just feels so rich

    23. Truly a beautiful experience. How fortunate are you Kirby… ❤️🇦🇺

    24. DOBERMAN PAC says:

      As a second generation American from Wales, I’ve been anxiously awaiting your arrival to Scotland. With this series you’ve gone to the next level of excellence. Thank you for your professionalism and brilliant videos. Most enjoyable!

    25. What happened to the people who lived there before ?

    26. Nen Master says:

      Production is comparable to programs you see on BBC. Top notch.

    27. Another beautiful episode!  Great place!  Good job, Mr.Allison! Thanks for video!

    28. Kind of feels like they ruined the house by painting it all those light colors. When I think of an old Scottish estate I think dark colored walls, plaid, lots of wood, rock, massive book cases, and taxidermy. Not yellow walls and painted white original staircases.

    29. Brilliant Kirby, but I have come to expect no less from you. Just one thing, please, hand out of your pocket, its not a good look, and no English Gentleman would ever walk around with his hands in his pocket. I absolutely adore your jacket, in fact your whole outfit today, excellent. Am afraid I have to start re-building my wardrobe again after my long stays in hospital as I have dropped 7 sizes jacket/blazer wise, and neck has dropped 3/4 sizes, but like you I like everything fitted properly, so back to The Row i the coming weeks.

    30. Rambling commentary. Sloppy editing. Kirby is boring.

    31. Callum P says:

      Hope you’ll be smoking cigars on the shoot

    32. Boreal Mat says:

      how boring it is to be poor…. ;(

    33. HEAT SEEKER says:

      I have to say Kirby is an absolute gentlemen and a truly fine modern American man.
      Great video, superb channel.

    34. Grant Taylor says:

      Love your channel, super inspiring.

    35. ben crust says:

      Ahhh yeeees indubitably

    36. R you serious your not gonna show the Hunt?


    38. Scottish are chill af. What an experience

    39. Zola GB says:

      Very bespoke video sir hats off. Upload the next video as soon as you may.

    40. I’m going to assume Kirby had a good 🛌😴💤

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