Vortex Razor HD 4000 laser range finder, ELR performance test

Longest measured distance +3000m / +3200yd. First particular person view video via optics, pure sound.
Sorry for wind noise- filtered however nonetheless a lot remaining.

See extra exams and evaluations:


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    8 Replies to “Vortex Razor HD 4000 laser range finder, ELR performance test”

    1. The laser will NOT reflect back to the rangefinder when trying to range objects at an ANGLE. That is, the wind turbine "body" is at what appears to be a 45 degree angle. The laser is hitting it and reflecting at a 45 degree angle AWAY from the rangefinder. You need to be at a 90 degree angle.

    2. This was very misleading, clearly using the device wrongly. Fooled me until i looked at other reviews. If it does not work, then use it properly and show that it doesn't work…. This video should be removed. Look at this one instead, they know how to follow instructions. https://youtu.be/opjhTpMsWe8

    3. Jack Daniels says:

      Now we just need you to do a side by side with it agents the Leopold 2800, this is the best video I've seen on the topic and I truly appreciate your time and effort its greatly appreciated ! ! !


    4. old rabidus says:

      Do you think this could measure 3km if you aim it at a mirror or similar reflective surface?

    5. Spencer Kloc says:

      So what is your overall impression of the unit?

    6. Tyler Farley says:

      I just got one and when it starts getting dark the whole lens is all most red. Are they supposed to be like that when it starts too get dark?

    7. Dan Chuy says:

      Well. I'd say that you measured in ELR Mode the wrong way. Product manual: "Continue to hold the Measure button while ranging in First, Last or ELR target mode."

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