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    37 Replies to “WASTE OF MONEY? – Have I Bought THE WRONG Golf Clubs!?”

    1. just bought myself a new callaway driver from golfclubs4cash. looking forward to getting it on the range.

    2. David Thomas says:

      Golfclubs4cash… one of my playing partners has those Ping irons, he refuses to change them, despite much ribbing. I will send him the link and keep quite in future…

    3. Scott Jones says:

      Clubs4cash, never heard of them before this video. Also, that putter is awesome 😊

    4. tho70mas says:

      Might be the ugliest irons I've ever seen so they better be good🤔

    5. I'm tall and it's tough searching for +1" irons, so I'll likely buy new in 2023, but I've got a 2nd hand Spider putter so far, and looking for an M2 driver, a 3 wood and 5/7 options, so I love these videos.

    6. Chris Bryant says:

      Golf clubs for cash….only been playing for just over a year…still looking for my forgiving clubs

    7. This video proves my point when I say to my friends that having the newest gear in the bag doesn’t make you a better golfer and doesn’t necessarily improve your score. And, yes, those Ping irons are stunning…

    8. Russel Clark says:

      I really like the way you talk golf in your videos. It helps a lot.
      I'm fairly new to golf. I'm not sure when I can say I'm a golfer, my coach says – taking lessons and a passion for the game. Makes you a golfer. I have gone from 110's to the mid 90's taking lessons in 2022. I'm extremely happy with this 3 years in? So my clubs are 2nd hand. I have TM RBZ irons 4 to Pw & Aw, R11s driver, Callaway Xr 3w and 4h, Callaway MD3 56 and 60. I just got a Stroke Lab #1 putter. I'm pretty happy with my equipment?
      Last sumer, my wife got me an early retirement set – Ben Hogan Edge EX, GS53 Max, 50, 54, 58 wedges. Pretty hard not to play with these.

    9. Barnaby Howe says:

      Hi James. Playing catch up so only just watched this one. I have the previous generation M1 driver and you can actually remove the front weight and put it in the rear track along with the other one making it even more like an M2.

    10. Simon Gray says:

      Golf clubs for cash

    11. Ian Johnson says:

      Just purchased from GolfClubs4Cash. Superb service. Great vid. Who needs new clubs?

    12. I bought a set of isi pings for 40 quid. I take them out now and again and really enjoy them. Back in the day these were mega expensive. Brilliant clubs.

    13. Simon Cruse says:

      Great video had the taylormade Rescue best club ever mate

    14. pie barm says:

      I got my driver, woods, irons and wedges from GolfClubsForCash. Great value.

    15. Is it Golf Clubs for Cash? Or Golf Clubs 4 Cash? Nice video James!

    16. You can't beat old school ping irons. Golf clubs 4 cash

    17. Golf clubs for cash 👌

    18. John Hultz says:

      Golfclubs4cash. Can't wait for the showdown with Gaz.

    19. I have a 3 wood similar to the one you are using. The thing is almost as long as my driver.

    20. Lexx White says:

      Forfeit for your used club match with Gaz! Loser does their next video in a skirt.

    21. don cooper says:

      when is gaz challenge happening?

    22. James, I found a set of the nickel Ping ISI-K's on Craigslist one day about a year ago, 3-SW, with a B60 putter, 3 Fourteen wedges, and a bag, for $80. Since I had to drive out to the guy, gas was pretty pricey, he knocked it down to $60!! They were all filthy when I got them; I cleaned and polished up nicely and they look so nice that I rarely play with them. PLEASE do a stand alone video on these; they are high-lofted, but very forgiving imo. And I’ve always wanted these in the BeCU.

      Once you guys finish your competition you should keep them and get them polished up and add them to your collection; they'll be GORGEOUS!

    23. "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." –Mark Twain

    24. Martin Brown says:

      Golf clubs for cash!!!!!

    25. Tom W says:


    26. Breakfast says:

      clubs for cash and other businesses are so good, 2nd hand is the way to go if you want value, in Aus we dont have these sorts of places as common, got to use FB market place

    27. Phil Watson says:

      Good James, I still have those 19 & 25 degree Taylormade rescues in my bag, c13ish years now, they are my go-to clubs, all the other clubs have been replaced once or maybe twice since then 🤷‍♂

    28. James how much did you actually spend on that lot ?🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    29. Gary Minton says:

      Golf Clubs for cash

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