We Complete The US Ryder Cup Team (Our Captain's Picks)

Dom and Matt go deep into the stats and form of the top US golfers to decide who should round out the US Ryder Cup team in 2023, with Captain Zach Johnson just weeks away from making his 6 Captain’s picks.


5 Replies to “We Complete The US Ryder Cup Team (Our Captain's Picks)”

  1. Homa should not be on the team. He can't play under pressure. He will bomb in Europe or won't even be played. So what is the point of him going? DJ and Reed would crush him in such a setting.

  2. wbwright79 says:

    i'd like to see either McCarthy or Burns wake up and win something in the playoffs. the other thing to watch is; how many rookies do you really want on the Away game team?

  3. Based on how they've played this year, Sheffler, Wyndham, Harman, Keopka, Homa, Bradley and Fowler deserve to make it today. The other mainstays have under performed. Xander, Cantley, Speith and Morikawa are going to make it based on ability and reputation. If Cam Young could putt he'd be a lock.

  4. George Wyatt says:

    Halfway through the video and the criteria being applied are not consistent. Put a table in place with the criteria (weighted) and then apply it to each player. Sure, this is a left brained approach, but with the way you're discussing it, you might as well put all the names in a lottery bin and pick 6 – regardless of Freddie Couples comments. In any case, I won't watch the Ryder Cup because of all the politics. I am sure that the only LIV player that will play is Brooks. It's more or less Team PGA Tour. Golf is dropping in fan support.

  5. Michael Bodo says:

    Bradley, Morikawa, Fowler, Burns, McCarthy, Reed, D.J. and Finau are all on the bubble. The FedEx Cup playoff's and the next two LIV events will decide who from them makes the cut.

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