We Created Our Own Professional Tournament! Who Will Win Cashiers Cup?

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    31 Replies to “We Created Our Own Professional Tournament! Who Will Win Cashiers Cup?”

    1. Definitely make a series outta this, fellas! This squad absolutely brings the vibes AND yll can play. What more can you ask for!? My favorite Youtube Golf content as of late, for sure.

    2. Seadonkey6 says:

      I love the kids tournaments!!

    3. Chan Kang says:

      Great series! Thoroughly enjoyed all of them. Do it again!

    4. Kenneth Wood says:

      Some golfing maniacs. Enjoyed the match very much, thank you. Bryan bros rock!

    5. eric perthel says:

      Loved this series. Thank you, gentlemen. Go Cocks!

    6. Chris Snape says:

      Do it on a full course otherwise very good sorry Wesley well done Matt. I hope you all do well next year

    7. Need more of these.. The squad is great.. All different personalities and great golfers. More more more!!! Maybe George can set up a youtube tournament of all the great golf creators.. It would be EPIC!!!!!

    8. Same squad boys. High level golf

    9. Matt was more disappointed than Wesley when we missed that last putt

    10. Yes we need a rebot of this some where abit warmer

    11. Jordan Baker says:

      Underrated Blue Steel reference lmao that was perfect

    12. This years christmas classic with all guys will be amazing…

    13. David Black says:

      This was an awesome series, guys! Thanks for posting!

    14. Brilliant – canny say anymore — lovely finish

    15. J Fresz says:

      Fantastic series, gents! It's 3 degrees F today at home so the weather comment in the video was pretty funny.

    16. Scott Ark says:

      Love this content! Keep it up.

    17. Joe Scott says:

      Didn’t realize Matt is a Delco guy. One more reason to like him

    18. Joe Scott says:

      Love all these guys. Appreciate how they minimized their divots on the tees. Respect

    19. Rich Lewis says:

      I absolutely love that he missed the putt in the end. He knows he's the best in the group and he choked big time

    20. Mike says:

      Get the band back together and play Sweetens!

    21. Did he really start crying at the end 😂😂😂😂

    22. Tim C says:

      Sometimes it’s not all about Wesley. Matt thoroughly deserved the win 🏆

    23. Daniel Boyle says:

      Enjoying the "Grown-up Good Good Cup" content

    24. Great stuff, men! Gotta hand it to you guys, the weather was brutal, but you kept playing. I'd definitely love to see this group together again in a setting where the weather wasn't such a distraction.

    25. Great series, 100% same squad on a different course next time..

    26. Great series, great players, great drama. Keep this style of content coming!

    27. New Bryan Bros vid in the recommendations is rivaling getting an amazon package that you're excited about.

    28. Rowdy Roddy says:

      Emotional Damage 👞

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