We Have The Latest On Colorado To The BIG 12!

Colorado continues to be the hottest rumored University to leave the PAC 12 for the BIG 12. But what is Colorado doing? Is Colorado going to the BIG 12? Is the PAC 12 on the verge of losing several members to the BIG 12? Is Arizona State connected to Arizona, and the two will move or not, together? Where is Utah in the PAC 12 saga? Will Colorado be the first to jump to the BIG 12 or is there another contender?

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16 Replies to “We Have The Latest On Colorado To The BIG 12!”

  1. Lord Rayden says:

    PAC lost their chance to kill the big 12, and now they are on their way out

  2. Lord Rayden says:

    OSU and WSU should just jump now

    They are more like big 12 schools anyway, and the other 8 have no qualms about relegating them to the mountain west

  3. Lord Rayden says:

    It’s really not that hard…..

    Just look up the Arizona board of trustees meeting agenda….is conference discussion on there?

  4. David Floyd says:

    If, Big IF the Big10 adds CAL & Stanford. That would be a huge opportunity for the Big12 to land Washington, Oregon, plus two more. Maybe Arizona & Colorado. Or maybe add 6 with ASU and Utah or SDSU.

  5. David Floyd says:

    Stationed in Washington DC. WreckEm

  6. David Floyd says:

    Heard a rumor that the Big10 wants cal & Stanford.

  7. Glenn Lewman says:

    Utah, hold out for the B10

  8. Wait the Cartoon Channel is going to save us. Time for us to get back where we belong.

  9. chuwhoturner says:

    Believe it or not Oregon St gives you Portland OR and Vancouver WA

  10. John says:

    Big 12 should take: Oregon State, Arizona, Colorado, & Arizona State

  11. Kansas

    The Gulf to Pacific Athletic Conference


    PAC will double their market footprint.

  12. This dude is so full o shiste. Lol.

    Taking all bets on Colorado to the Big Lubbock conference. ✌🤠✌🏈🏈🏈

  13. Ryan says:

    For Arizona:

    Is there a chance that a discussion about the PAC-12 situation occurs with it not being on the agenda?

  14. Teri Leo says:

    flg. Will someone please tell J/M that this ballwash idea on Ion/CW with P12 members going out door to door to Tim's hardware Store in Corvallis to see if they want to buy ad's for a Pac 12 game will bring in revenue and eyeballs in the 1000's. Speaking of Corvallis, Monty correct in how irrelevant Washington State is in the Pac, but Oregon State is WSU's identical twin in that dept down to the last nanometer of DNA. Big 12 is 0.00% taking them out of blue. Zero

  15. They need to know the number on the tv deal…. Here is the thing… there is no tv deal. So how long they gonna wait

  16. MiNDAXioM says:

    I think BYU also does stellar in that late time slot.

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