We Played Golf with the Sprinklers On

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    32 Replies to “We Played Golf with the Sprinklers On”

    1. Nina Nozzi says:

      cake cam with voiceover of Jake saying "oh yeah" and Jakes shirts >>>>

    2. y'all should do a challenge where you can't use the clubs you always use, only the clubs you rarely if ever use.

    3. I don’t like golf. I have no idea why I like this channel but it’s so good! Y’all had me cackling in this one. My dogs are very concerned.

    4. Great vid! I’m not into golf at all, but I’m here for Mood Swings!

    5. Addy Roney says:

      I prefer the live audio reactions! Feels like we are there right alongside you hanging out. The voiceovers are still funny of course, but bring back the live reactions!

    6. Nichole M says:

      5-6 years ago my husband and I were out at our local course on a summer evening when for some reason the sprinklers came on. We frequented that course 3 times a week and were always out there at that time. It wasn’t dusk yet and I don’t know if the timer malfunctioned or if they had forgotten we were out there or what, but we finished the round, playing the last 5-6 holes with the sprinklers on, getting completely soaked and just laughing our butts off the whole time because it was so ridiculous to keep playing 😂 But it’s one of our favorite memories ❤

    7. Kara Jones says:

      I like the voice over! I would actually watch golf if u guys were commentating!

    8. glamgal28 says:

      we need more random dance moves throughout the video 😂

    9. Dave Duvall says:

      Hillcrest is SO hilly. I lost 7 balls last time I played there.

    10. Steve says:

      Not sure how I feel about the voice ovwr..over.

    11. Amber Young says:

      "I've checked out mentally" 🤣😂 love y'all!!

    12. Congrats on the pregnancy!!!!

    13. Zac Felton says:

      So the rest area is for if you are out and it starts down pouring.

    14. Jenna Harmon says:

      Haha this is great. I was having such a rough Monday and this just totally brightened my day.

    15. I live on a golf course and do this all the time. It can be really funny or it can be the most annoying thing in the world. Cuz they’re on a timer sometimes it scares the crap out of me 😂

    16. Joe Collas says:

      Man it's been weeks since I played I need to get back at it.

    17. i had no idea this Trey dude did golf stuff, that's awesome

    18. NurseKortney says:

      Lol the regroup was great

    19. "I stuck it. I can for sure 4 putt that."

      I feel attacked

    20. Resting area my ass. That’s a courtesy fart shack.

    21. You guys should do an 18 holes competition

    22. Gotta say, I like the live commentary better

    23. Every time I see a 4 iron attempt out of deep rough I know I’m in for comedy gold 😂

    24. Brettster 06 says:

      I don’t really like the voiceovers ngl

    25. Pamela Mays says:

      Trey could easily provide color commentary for PGA golf tournaments.⛳🎙️📺

    26. John C says:

      The live commentary wouldve been better tho. But this was great haha

    27. Briana Verly says:

      Cake cam is always my favorite lol. 🤣

    28. Outdoor AF says:

      Yup, driver 4-iron does get old quick

    29. Yay another voiceover one! 👏🏻 Your live reactions to your shots are great, but for some reason it seems extra funny to hear your reactions to watching yourself. Lol! The first date comments. 🤣

    30. Rob T says:

      I agree that it is impossible to hit two consecutive shots well.

    31. glamgal28 says:

      why do I love these videos so much?!? I have know idea, but I'm here for it

    32. Zach E. says:

      Loved it!

      Y’all should get Big Daddy String Bean in a vid!! And Mr Peckleball too!
      Maybe also Katie and Rachel?!?

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