WE TEST Cheap vs Expensive Seats

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    25 Replies to “WE TEST Cheap vs Expensive Seats”

    1. karate says:

      Long hair dude is too annoying

    2. José Concha says:

      Lotta doom references!

    3. Would probably be good to talk about harness bars, and how they're NOT approved for track days. The safety issue involved with how it keeps a driver upright, no matter what, is vital. In the case of a rollover, that leaves the driver upright and exponentially increases the chance of death. While I think we get the point of the harness bar in the video is to facilitate the use of a harness in the seat – and maximize the performance of the seat – gotta talk about the lack of safety that comes with running a harness + harness bar setup. As well as the actually not being allowed to participate in a track day, as they aren't allowed by any track organizer I've seen. Cage the car if you're wanting to run race buckets and a harness setup.
      Overall, great video though! Thanks guys.

    4. The one thing I didn't like about the Sparco suit was the fact that it caught fire. There were flames .. going right up into your helmet

    5. Jorge Castro says:

      Top tier content boys! I really hope y’all are getting paid well.

    6. Shoutout to the Lime Rock TRD Pro 4Runner!

    7. NORRR says:

      *Cough *cough sparco sponsorship

    8. Kevin Clark says:

      Would be a shame if all this bad karma for making fun of Nolan caused something terrible to happen…

    9. Daxreme says:

      0:57 This may be a low-quality animal sound for everyone else but since I'm weird asf and I like old games, for me, it's a piece of art.

    10. tturi2 says:

      this is a tv quality episode

    11. Andrew says:

      Lol Cali stress tests, "we have this super sketchy high powered air rifle just like laying around hehe haha" texas stress tests, "what we have here boys is a .50 BMG. Let's see how many it takes to stop one." Lol

    12. fatpad00 says:

      From everyone's comments testing out the seats, Low Car sounded pretty damn close. Given the price, that sounded like a win for low car

    13. If a helmet looks fine after a crash that means the wearer isn't fine. Same thing with cars. They're designed to absorb the impact.

    14. King Michael says:

      I lost it when Adam did the dead man test 😂😭😭😭

    15. Donut needs to do this for seatbelts, harnesses, etc…
      As you can see these are complex subjects and seatbelts are a deep but KEY matter

    16. any interest in making hi low series for bikes?
      it might not blew up like hi low car series, but it might be interesting

    17. mbsnyderc says:

      Your helmet test are shit,they have nothing to do with what happens in a wreak.

    18. Should disconnect your battery before taking seats out, air bag could possibly go off

    19. Turbo4263 says:

      Nolan should get these expensive parts this round

    20. NP_567 says:

      take a shot every time you hear the Killer Queen bomb sound effect

    21. Nolan: "Go pound sand" Me: Oh damn he mad mad

    22. what about NRG or Tanaka ebay seats? are they good?

    23. "Multiple squirrels!!!" Hahaha

    24. Assad Tarifi says:

      Amc to the mooooooon jerry

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