► In this video, Joel Tadman tests out the same Full Swing Golf Pro Series simulator found in the home of Tiger Woods! We discover how it works, what the user experience is like and what other features it offers to justify the super-premium price tag. With other top players, including Jon Rahm, Jordan Spieth and Justin Rose all having one in their homes too, we were keen to discover what makes it such a popular home golf simulator option.

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    1. mess4sure says:

      The ballflight graphics seem really realistic..and the instant ballflight is a big plus.
      The curvature on Trackman always looks a bit strange.

    2. Beautiful swing Joel!

    3. krusher74 says:

      I wonder why infront of the mat they dont make that area slightly shaped so it feeds the ball bak to you feet?

    4. Ross Matthew says:

      lol doesn't sound he's getting commission at all…..

    5. Haven’t played golf in the UK since last September..without the pandemic the weather makes it almost impossible to play let alone the conditions of golf courses. If you have the money I would buy the best I could get without doubt.

    6. rfsm88 says:

      50k 😂 What a rip off. These simulators are so over priced!

    7. Neil Speak says:

      are there any simulators that use varying lengths of turf? I've never seen or heard of it. Just curious.

    8. Kristin W. says:

      Great video – cool tech golf-simulator!

    9. In australia, a company called Big Swing Golf has these as their simulators that you can use for about $20/hr. Similar $ to a large bucket of balls at a driving range. They run competitions using them, and it's like ten pin bowling with food, drinks, etc – if you want that. Kids birthday parties too – and they can do the other sports if they want. It's really easy to use, but I can't stand putting on it – very hard to gauge the speed of the putt needed. And I've had the occasional "flyer" – a shot that's gone 10-20 yards further than the rest, which is weird. Overall, a great tool, great fun. Takes up less land than a driving range too. Never as good as the real thing, but the air conditioning inside is great in summer…

    10. CVArts says:

      can you also test Tiger Wood's $80k Driving Simulator?

    11. Toby Dent says:

      got fitted and played 3 competition rounds at silverware, always been a great experience

    12. HSK says:

      Come to korea. You will find a place with simulators like this within a mile of where you are. They even have a professional league playing golf in the simulator. Pro golfer often come and compete in off-season. I think this is a great way to enjoy the game of golf in off-season when it’s too cold and snowy to play golf outside.

    13. Tony Tanti says:

      Better than a Trackman set up???

    14. Piete Koo says:

      How long does the screen last?

    15. How about going to the actual range and playing actual golf. How many rounds can you play for 50k. Worthless "tech". Vitamin D is priceless.

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