wgt.com – world golf tours – unofficial golf shot accuracy sticker trick – tip

Discover ways to measure off your display screen meter with little stickers in your display screen to make extra correct iron pictures and putts.


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    14 Replies to “wgt.com – world golf tours – unofficial golf shot accuracy sticker trick – tip”

    1. John Geary says:

      This guy just  burned a fat one

    2. Team Yancy says:

      I'm just a common man and whatnot. Mostly. My name is Yancy.

    3. Alec Mcnab says:

      yeah man steven hawkings of the maths world,(not)

    4. Danny Rodas says:

      i didn't know larry the cable guy liked to play wgt

    5. I laughed so much I spilt coffee on my shirt…

    6. GoogleUser says:

      Forget the stickers and math of % how much between sticky notes,,,

      meterbud is only a couple days away from Launching, Just google it to find out what it is.

    7. ur fucking Fire hill billy take the tape off your computer and learn how to cheat like everyone else 😉

    8. jess. g says:

      dude no offence but get off the drugs u sound high the whole video

    9. mark foster says:

      this tip will help me??….hell it didnt help you at all

    10. john allison says:

      mathamatical genius this guy.the whole point is to play better u didnt do that

    11. makes no difference at all!!!

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