What Distance Do You Hit Your Driver? | The Ideal Attack Angle, Loft & Club Speed Comparison

There are many ways to hit your driver far. The ideal attack angle is at the top of the list along with playing the correct loft on your driver, club shaft for your club speed and head design to increase or decrease spin rate. Do you drive the ball the optimal distance (carry & roll). Typically, the ideal landing angle is 30-40 degrees with a driver. Is the ball flight high or low? Just because a certain player in your group has a lot of club head speed it doesn’t mean that they will hit the ball further than you. You also need to consider the importance of hitting the fairway and the wind direction. Just watching The Open Championship this week professional golfers such as Rory McIlroy, Tommy Fleetwood, Tom Kim, Cameron Young, Jason Day, Jon Rahm & even Brian Harman they all have the ability to modify their attack angle depending on what the conditions favor (Fairway Finder vs Long Drive). When club fitting the goal is to get the golfer in the most optimal carry distance, landing angle and total distance regardless of if this is with an iron or driver. This is why certain players play more or less loft. Using the Trackman optimizer you can learn a lot about how far your driver should go, what the optimal loft to play and what is the ideal attack angle with driver.

For this videos test, Thomas Campbell PGA Member and Director of Instruction at Swing Lab conducts a test with swing speeds ranging from 95-110 mph and with 12 degree and 9 degree of loft and an attack angle around zero and positive 5*. The driver used is the Callaway Paradym.

Swing Lab Performance Golf is a high-performance golf training & fitting facility that opened in February 2023. We are located in Lakeville, Minnesota and utilize top of the line technology to revolutionize the way golfers improve their game. Our technology includes Trackman, Quintic, Zen Green Stage, Putt View & Swing Catalyst. We also offer club fitting services for all the major manufacturers including Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, Mizuno, Cobra & Srixon / Cleveland Golf come see us to gain some distance, improve your dispersion or to make more putts.

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4 Replies to “What Distance Do You Hit Your Driver? | The Ideal Attack Angle, Loft & Club Speed Comparison”

  1. Very good demonstration Thomas! The differences in attack angle, club loft, and club speed suggest benefits in both proper fitting and technique optimization can improve driver distance potential at almost any swing speed if I am clear on the principles defined here.

  2. Ricky W says:

    If you have higher spin due to a negative AOA , do you still recommend a higher loft?

  3. Sean Connors says:

    Great information and mirrors what I am seeing in my golf game. Early in 2023 got a 12 degree Sim2 Max driver head and have seen increased carry distance, accuracy and confidence with driver. Driver has now become one of my favorite clubs in the bag!

    Appreciate Thomas putting out videos with great information.

  4. I increased my loft to 11 and got a much better carry distance but with less roll out. My swing speed is about 87. Not sure what to do.

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