What Do Expats Spend Their Money On In The Philippines?

What are expats spending their money on in the Philippines? Join the discussion as we welcome the panel.

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22 Replies to “What Do Expats Spend Their Money On In The Philippines?”

  1. James Sims says:

    I don't dislike women, but what I do is give women the same energy they give me. What I find is that MOST women don't take accountability for a negative vibe created by them. They create negative situations and expect you ( the man) to make them comfortable, which includes KISSING HER A$$ !!!!!

  2. This was a great livestream Calvin. I dont know why i keep missing them live. Are you scheduling them in advance on youtube? Do you have a specific day and time that you will go live and if so can you let us know eastern standard time so we can participate in the live chat. Thanks brother.

  3. First of all he's weak-minded and the Filipinos receive that the man is weak-minded and she takes advantage of that the man comes to the Philippines and goes crazy because he thinking he get a younger woman and the young woman Filipina takes advantage of it he's not used to a woman appreciating him and having desire for him he's never had that in his life and women can smell that a mile away and that's why he's been taking advantage of searching for validation from women and the woman knows that he's weak-minded it's a shame that men don't have any self-respect and the Filipinos will take advantage of you when you're like that they tell the man what he wants to hear bet she loves him and all the while she's taking advantage of him because he's weak and a sucker

  4. There won't be any silence with me. I like to talk alot. Lol

  5. I disagree, most women would not like that today. I don't care how many years.

  6. Those remittances 13Billion? I swear to G%© that better be including Philippines/US Military Defense Funds.

  7. Great Panel Guy's Boot's on the Ground 💪💪💪

  8. Cool cool Cal 💪 Budget 💪✈️💪 World renowned Author 💪

  9. pmtube says:

    I notice you are using the sunshine shoulders song again. Did you resolve the issue with the creator?

  10. Good advice is great, but a trick is a trick and only a woman can save, help or change a man that has a low self esteem.

  11. WTF is up with the poster boy, old dude that is acting like he needs to throw up a sign every now and then,🤔 and share a thought without an ending.

  12. Al Rogan is the typical square that was probably bullied, now a successful guy with a large bag, he come to a developing country and he flexes. Buying like he is in the West, realizing it's cheaper for him here, but the price he pays for fake Jordan's is still rent for one or two families in the Philippines. Dude has other issues.

  13. Tyion Allen says:

    Keep this panel, it’s the best Team I’ve seen. Salute 🫡

  14. Cedric Giles says:

    Hey Cal, I think great content for your community would be non-scientific social experiment of you visiting your home Country and recording randomly as you go about your day. It would be interesting to capture your experiences and interactions, good ones, toxic ones, or indifferent ones. No sugarcoating just so audience can see the difference in scenery, culture, prices, etc.

  15. Cedric Giles says:

    The Filipina Pea is boots on the ground in America. You got to give it to her. She’s very smart, but SSS is still the most interesting content in this space.

  16. We need to get Philip Bailey from Earth Wind Fire to put a verse on the theme song Calvin!!

  17. James Sims says:

    Hey! CAL your #1, man!!!!

  18. Robert Daem says:

    I have a wife who was from Mexico, born and raised there, and immigrated to the USA. I have grandchildren that are half Mexican by heritage that were born here. There is a difference depending on where you were born. A US citizen is entitled to all the rights and privileges. I was only pointing out that difference. No reason to be offended.

  19. Hey Cal, I deleted my comment giving kudos on your panel because of the “entitled Chicana’s..

  20. Correction, Mexicans are from Mexico, Chicano or Chicano were born in the Us with Mexican descent. What do you mean entilied?..
    I am a Chicana and I have never been to Mexico. I am entitled to the states I was born in the states, my parents were born in the states, my grandparents were born in the State, so don’t say we feel entitled. Where are you from and originate, now I, upset??.

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