What does it really take to become a TOUR PRO!? Elite golf coach explains! #EP71

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    20 Replies to “What does it really take to become a TOUR PRO!? Elite golf coach explains! #EP71”

    1. Watching valderama DP world tour event recently commentator said 1 handicapper receives 12 shots when he plays off the tips. I’m off 1 and would say I’m at least 12 shots worse than Rory. Our club champion is +3 and has been +5 and unfortunately he’s nowhere near good enough to play on challenge tour he plays with euro pro tour guy who has done nothing as a pro and gets beat easily. I’m a decent golfer it’s hard to knock 12 shots off my game. These guys are just so good.

    2. Sean Walsh says:

      Elite! Ha… what a joke.

    3. Well you must sign Golf Tour papers without a corporate sponsor , as it’s a parlia game , and they not past rapemurder yet

    4. eric jones says:

      I think Rick showed the difference in those who will make it and who won’t. “So you won’t have any fun” is what Rick said but the true greats of the game ARE having fun. They wouldn’t rather be anywhere else than on a golf course playing at the highest level so in their minds they aren’t missing out on any fun, the journey and destination are fun enough

    5. thoyo says:

      This was very enlightening! Appreciated the inner circle view on what it takes. God bless anyone walking down this road, these major organizations don't seem to care to make it very easy for them.

    6. Very inciteful as to how the pro game has changed. From my experiences from over 20 years ago it has significantly changed to break in. I remember reading about the Leadbetter academy for juniors in the early 2000's and how it was regular school built around teaching junior players to become elite future pro players. Times change that's for sure. Hearing the elite player coach be honest about where you would need to be to realistically have a chance is so refreshing. 20 plus years ago you didn't have that, at least not for me. All I ever heard was you hit it plenty long enough just work on your short game and you will make it. I work a fulltime job now with some scar tissue that I'm still reconciling with from my own failures. I did fall into the trap of girls and alcohol and having a really good time. Before you know it a few years have gone by and not that the moment has passed, but each year it gets harder and harder and the odds begin to really stack up against you.

    7. no idea says:

      Does plus 6 mean you get 6 extra shots to make par or you get 6 less shots to make par?

    8. Think Guy is doing most listeners a dis-service, I dont know anybody that thinks a scratch golfer is a the same as tour pro.

    9. I’m 25 and have become obsessed with golf. I practice 6 to 7 times a week for two to three hours at a time. I don’t really do it because I have hopes of becoming a pro golfer. I only do it because I find it fun. To me, there is no better feeling than hitting golf balls straight down the range. I’m unemployed right now and when I get a job this might change, but I’ll enjoy it while I have it.

    10. Kinda really exemplifies the parental impact on top tier athletes. Yes obviously the teenager has to put the work in, but their parents had to hand them a club at four years old and spend their entire childhood training them.

    11. LabGorilla says:

      This podcast is good

    12. What a great guest dropping truth bombs!

    13. Exactly my down fall. I started when I was 16 and by the time I turned 18 years old I was playing off 9. I was playing/practicing everyday. I was having lessons regular and I was shooting mid 70 rounds. But when I turned 18, i discovered alcohol and woman and i ruined everything. But it proved that I never had what it took.

    14. no chance could a tour pro play to +9 week in week out.

    15. The dedication is fun…

    16. I'm 40, playing off 32,6 — so your telling me there's a chance? 😂

    17. 15cu honda says:

      Don't go to dan for coaching is the best advice I can give you.

    18. Great podcast. Really interesting.

    19. When Faldo is saying “wow this guy is fresh on the tour at 31” you will need to rethink your “prime age” for golf, Dan
      Yes the 31 year old will be me 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

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