What is the best bladed golf iron for 2021 and 2022.


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    1. andy bag says:

      I play cobra mbs but I’d go for the Srixon as it looks more bladey from address

    2. Nader Zein says:

      The best bladed irons right now are Mizunos.

    3. Rob Biles says:

      P7MB. Am I allowed to say that on this channel.

    4. Dan B says:

      Srixon out of those 2 but I game the Titleist 712 MBs

    5. Golf Man says:

      Tried both. Callaway is very hard to hit. The previous version was butter and much easier to hit. So I go for Srixon.

    6. Joe Belford says:

      Between these 2, Srixon for sure. More for looks than “feel”. I can’t get over the screws/bolts on a lot of these irons nowadays.

    7. David Reid says:

      Srixon because your contract likes it. And its Shinier. LOL

    8. Paul Hulme says:

      Probably Srixon, don't like the look of screws on a blade. Shiny shiny 😍

    9. prmx11 says:

      Still gaming the 712 MB's…

    10. gtflyer says:

      Srixon. Honestly speaking, I'm not a Callaway fan, sorry Coach.

    11. Callaway purely that I love the look of the Srixons but have never hit them well. 🙁 but that’s always me I suppose

    12. cobra1995xx says:

      I have 965/765 combo and love.. BUT also have mp20 combos and love. Never had a Callaway blade but like the look of

    13. OldandStiff says:

      Lots of rounds with the Apex MB for me and love them. Z Forged are brilliant, but a little big over the ball to me. Back side is no contest for Z Forged.

    14. Chester says:

      Limited interest here as I am never going to use blades. I might cut myself!

    15. Max Caysey says:

      The two best blades set ever made is:

      1) Titleist 681T
      2) Miura MB 001

    16. I would play the srixon

    17. Calloway because I like to punish myself.

    18. Z-forged all day long, absolutely beautiful. 😀⛳👍

    19. Craig says:

      Probably time I retired my Dunlop Maxfli Australian Blades (1997). Srixon looks bigger on the face which is a real bonus, looking at options for 2022.

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