What Nobody Tells You About The TAKEAWAY

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In this video Adam teaches you takeaway secrets that nobody talks about. These 4 secrets will create a on plane takeaway all the way to the top of the swing. Many golfers have an inside takeaway which will cause plenty of problems throughout the rest of the swing. Try these swing feels and drills in order to start striping it today!!

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00:00 Session Goals
03:01 Hand Path
03:42 Hips Over Ankles
06:19 Rehearsal
08:08 Recap
09:29 Masterclass


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    26 Replies to “What Nobody Tells You About The TAKEAWAY”

    1. Crispy Duck says:

      This was painful to watch -if you want some proper natural coaching Zen Golf Mechanics – it’s teaching you to swing naturally not positions

    2. You've had some good instruction vids but this may be the best.
      Great insight. You need to be at the PGA tomorrow giving instruction.

    3. GS Goodyear says:

      Great stuff how much is a lesson

    4. P Herls says:

      Really like the bullet points you're now putting into your videos that highlight key points being made during lessons.

    5. JhK says:

      Mr. Porzak is the best!

    6. jsolghan22 says:

      Another awesome video, feel like I’m stealing after watching each one 😊. Would you feel a little more weight on your toes at setup?

    7. 9:35 Amazing instruction! It’s exactly what I’m working on during Wintertime here in Sweden, this helps a lot✅🏌️‍♂️😀👍

    8. Fantastic tip. Been trying so hard to get a better takeaway. Who woulda thunk posture and heel pad. Can’t wait to try tomm at the range!

    9. mikey mcflyy says:

      Does this apply to the driver as well?

    10. Thank you, Amazing tip for all if only they know how hard it is to digest the simple technique which can improve ball striking better

    11. ptnpharmd says:

      That swing is a swing that many average Joe can copy !
      Thnx 👍

    12. Gruvemuppet says:

      Brilliant video! I'm going to try this tomorrow during practice. 🤗

    13. Lucas Hotz says:

      Great video. One thing that confused me as a “viewer” is the wrist angle. A few of the practice rehearsals from you and the student showed a couple different “hinges”.

    14. HD Golfin says:

      200k subs this year lads

    15. I’ve struggled with an inside takeaway the last few months and its caused a lot of hooky misses left. I only realized after watching this video and rehearsing in a mirror how inside it really is. Great video

    16. Wonderful information you shared with us today

    17. Been working religiously on your setup points and has helped me nail down a confident consistent swing. Thank you for all the quality content!

    18. LoMein says:

      Does this work for driver as well?

    19. I am heading to the range to practise these setup drills and movements. This was such a “penny drop” moment for me. Thank you!!

    20. Bryan Jacobs says:

      This tip was pure gold. I was struggling with my takeaway and bringing it too far inside. This will hopefully fix it and make it repeatable.

    21. iupab says:

      Amazing how you answer the question in my mind as you go through your process. I.e “how do I know if my hips are aligned correctly”? You…set the club aligned with hip and ankle then end at the hip”!

    22. Jlee says:

      Yup. Always next level content on this channel!

    23. brian says:

      This really may be the most important swing video out. I’ve realized this take away and back swing sets up everything else perfectly and it’s easier to focus on the takeaway rather than finding the face from the top and trying to get it on plane and square it up for impact

    24. May says:

      Brilliant Adam, thank you

    25. Paul White says:

      Gold……my swing would be money if I didn't have to put a club in my hands lol

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