In this video I ask what’s going on with Nike golf shoes at the moment. Why do they keep releasing sneaker versions and what will be the next shoe….will it be spiked? I really do hope so!

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Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUxNR3HECS6aCF9GD7gOZP2Xf7trclE5i

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    1. LOVED THIS! Hilarious!

    2. This video explains why I don't have nike golf shoes. You hit it on the head. You said everything that I said this year. I went with Adidas

    3. Pedigree88 says:

      I think that golf shoes have a limited market to justify a production from scratches. It’s a good strategy to use already existing product and fit with a spikes sole.

    4. jae y says:

      It looks like Brooks is officially back into the zoom infinity tour shoe. Had to note it!

    5. If they are all limited editions…are they really limited?

    6. Links to buy these shoes in the description

    7. I don’t think BK dropped the Infinity Tours because of stability. I’m sure he had the wide version that offered more stability (personal experience). And it was HIS input that helped create the shoe. Having knee problems myself (which is why he has withdrawn the last 3 events) I find that my firmer Zoom running shoes are better for my knees than my softer React cushioned shoes when running miles. This may be why he went back to the Tour Premiers.

      But of course that is speculation, as I’m sure we’ll never hear the truth from Nike or BK.

    8. Hilarious dramatization.

      I love the direction on Nike Golf shoes in 2020. Tell me what traditional shoe looks good or modern or young or not like grandpa? Prior to the Nike Free-derived TW ‘13, Nike shoes were ugly dress shoes with an air unit and spikes. These days, these shoes are beautiful and most times functional.

      Not every trainer conversion is going to work, but I love the Infinity Tours and 270Gs. And, the compliments I get from my wife and teenagers, tells me that they are cool, especially since the teenage daughter never comments on my clothes.

    9. robbk23 says:

      how do you like the react vapor 2 compared to the newer nike golf shoes, overall? particularly the newer version of the air max 1 g? i found a pair of the react vapor 2s for very cheap, but i like the look of the air max 1 better, but they’re much more expensive at the moment

    10. Andy L says:

      Great video haha

    11. raj a says:

      Having been a former Nike employee, to see some of their popular casual and training shoes turned into golf shoes is interesting. I currently game the Nike TW71 Fast Fit golf shoes because the stability is an important part to my game. And, the Tiger Woods shoe line has never disappointed in terms of performance. To see an Air Jordan golf shoe is a bit much. As a former semi-pro basketball player, it diminishes what the Air Jordan Brand has meant to basketball fans. If people are just buying these to style and profile and your golf game isn't up to par (pun intended), well then it doesn't help the sport. Nike does need to come back to creating really great, performing golf shoes again. We haven't seen a new Tiger Woods shoe in quite some time, nor any of the Vapor line. I guess what I'm saying is substance is better than style.

    12. Kevin Jones says:

      Love it but you loose it when you say I haven't tested it yet. IMHO

    13. Top video Kev… loved this one 👍🏽

    14. Love this episode, hilariously clever bro!

    15. I love Nike products but I feel trainers don’t always translate well to a good golf shoe

    16. Nike seems to be trying to build hype like they do with their casual shoes. It seems to be working given all these NRG releases sell out almost as quickly as anything on snkrs. its rather annoying.

    17. Nice one mate. Absolutely spot on with the rehashing comment. I still wear my Nike Zoom shoes and really like them. Look good, feel good and are waterproof. Personally, though, my favourite golf shoes are the trainer style Adidas ones I bought years ago. Go with any type of trouser, are nice and neat (even for my size 11’s) and just look class…not garish like some of those Nike’s.

      Anyway, keep up the good work buddy!

    18. GMAC GOLF says:

      Love this vlog Kev absolutely LOL'd at this. I think the reason for them doing this because of the stable of players they have.. young and athletic not sure they want "proper golf shoe" what ever the reason i hope they carry on.. ive moved from Adidas ( worn for since the tour 360 was originally released) and its the best move I've made.

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