What's In The Bag? | 2nd Swing Master Fitter Taylor Ledwein

This what’s within the bag video options Taylor Ledwein a member of 2nd Swing’s On-line Becoming and Assist group and among the finest beginner golfers within the state of Minnesota. Taylor performed collegiately at Bradley College and reached the Spherical of 32 on the 2022 US Girls’s Newbie Championship contested at Chambers Bay.

In this video, 2nd Swing’s Drew Mahowald chats with Taylor Ledwein about what’s within the bag and why Taylor selected every specific membership in her bag. The dialogue additionally focuses on key becoming points and why taking part in golf equipment match to your swing is so essential.

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    22 Replies to “What's In The Bag? | 2nd Swing Master Fitter Taylor Ledwein”

    1. David Smuk says:

      Great example in rethinking what one's bag should look like.

    2. erock1070 says:

      @2ndswing – Any chance you could add her normal distances for each club to the comments

    3. rajan rai says:

      Would have been ggod to talk about shafts on the clubs

    4. Team LeBong says:

      Been all over the US and even Puerto Rico….whose going to tell her that Puerto Rico is an American Territory?

    5. Love the Old Waverly head cover. One of my favorite courses to visit and play.

    6. James Brown says:

      Absolutely love the Minnetonka 2nd Swing content. You guys are awesome.

    7. J H says:

      I love having a 5wood in the bag…it.definitely earns its space in the bag.

    8. PFH_Golf says:

      I can't wait to buy the G425 Max fairway woods without the headcover included on all of them

    9. Ryan J says:

      Taylor's bag has great ideas for spacings between mid irons and driver. Great content!

    10. Retired says:

      I was hoping to add a 27 degree hybrid to my bag. I looked in the used section on 2nd swing and found many ladies 27 degree hybrids.
      Is their any difference in the clubhead of the ts2 ladies or mens. If not I can buy the ladies club and reshaft it with an old diamana 70g shaft I already have.

    11. Zazhou says:

      Great personality, Taylor!

    12. So great to see a female golfer Re fittings…my gender is certainly an under-served market🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻thx!

    13. Rick Cudmore says:

      Very practical. What ball do you play?

    14. Welcome Taylor. I am about to turn 65 and have taken up golf again. I watch the boys do their videos but I do not have the swing speed I once had, so I would also like to know more about your swing speed, choices of Ball (past and present) and also thoughts on shaft selection as regards flex, material etc.

    15. Cybek Cusal says:

      Awesome video. What's an online fitting? I think my iron shafts are too light.

    16. Rob S says:

      Good WITB! But, don’t forget the bag and ball in WITB’s! 😂

    17. ybach64 says:

      Love the putter cover.

    18. Peter Banton says:

      Welcome Taylor! Looking forward to seeing you in the future.

    19. erock1070 says:

      That’s the setup that you’d never want to play against. They are taking your money every time !! I’m very similar.
      G425 10.5 driver set to 11.5
      G425 sft 5w 19*
      Exotics Trilogy 26* hybrid
      G425 30* hybrid
      G425 7-UW irons
      Full face 56/60 wedges

    20. uNkLeRaRa4 says:

      Ok that shoe putter head cover might be the coolest thing I've seen haha. Now I need to switch to a blade just for that! 🤣

    21. glen burr says:

      Love that putter headcover!

    22. Paul O'Neil says:

      Fantastic content – I would argue that unless your swing speed is above 105mph with the driver, Taylor's bag is the 100% perfect setup for 95% of golfers – and yes, without the 3wood which most average golfers simply cannot hit properly compared to a slightly higher lofted fairway wood.

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