Where Should Your Eyes Focus In The Golf Swing?

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How would you like to be more consistent in golf?! Where do we look while we swing? For those looking to find focus points, this video on Where Should Your Eyes Focus In The Golf Swing? is for you. We have the golf swing and your total game boiled down to the 5 most important keys in our Top Speed Golf System. If you’re looking to make consistent swings, we’ll cover a few tips, while improving key fundamentals! Be able to hit any shot in golf! We’ll teach you.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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    26 Replies to “Where Should Your Eyes Focus In The Golf Swing?”

    1. Matt says:

      I don’t think the question should be where to look at the ball but how to contact the ball.

    2. John Whittle says:

      Great advice. Thanks you very much.

    3. I look at the whole ball 3D, and visualize/feel where the club is going to go from the pause in the backswing. If it happens to draw a little bit, I'm okay. If it's straight shot where I aimed, I'm happy. If it's a slight fade, I'm good. Outside of that nothing else works for me. Trust me I've tried it.

    4. Bobby G. says:

      A whole lot of crap

    5. Jony J says:

      Stop talking and hit the ball for gods sake

    6. Toon Lad says:

      For me to stop shanking I need to focus over 4" under the ball and my strike is very nice……but 4"? Pretty bad!

    7. logan agunat says:

      I have a habit of loo back at the club during my backswing and two using back to the ball on the downswing. I do have some consistency with it tho, but I want to get rid of it. How do I get rid of it lmao

    8. B P says:

      Clay, you need to add a shot tracer to your vids

    9. The Lampman says:

      what happen when your legs feel like jelly and you feel you can not commit to the shot!

    10. How can we focus on what I call ‘ The Big Blur between our ears’ It’s impossible. You miss the direction you want the big blur to go you missed you shot. Plain and simple.

    11. The Gunny RB says:

      Nothing I visualize ever happens. What can I do?

    12. The Gunny RB says:

      Clay what do you do if you visualize a shot and you get a different result? Thanks

    13. I'm a Jazz musician, and have been for a long time… I don't "think" of what scales, chords, etc. I am going to play when improvising. I do the Jazz equivalent of what Clay is saying here, which I take to being akin to a "feel" player. I have been approaching golf the other way – as a "mechanical" player, micro-analysing each component of my set up, swing, etc. I'm going to try behaving with golf as I do with Jazz – visualize (in music, it' a feeling / image, book, etc.) my shot like Clay says ("movie") and see what happens!

    14. James Mcrory says:

      As a TOTAL beginner I have to concentrate on the ball as 9/10 I miss the ball altogether. I think I’m basically just swinging to hit the ball too fast and not actually concentrating that the club connects with the ball

    15. Clark Kent says:

      all that explaining that's for the pros to understand for the amateurs where do you hit the ball okay all you're talkin to is prose you're not talkin to a weekend warrior thanks

    16. tejanochris says:

      Very good. I focus on about 3 inches behind the ball. Promotes a smooth swing.

    17. MrRod4000 says:

      My swing has devolved to the point that I have to focus on a point eight or ten inches behind the ball. Focusing anywhere near the ball means I will skull it at best, or whiff completely. Until I can figure this out, I don’t care if I slice or hook; I just want to hit the ball.

    18. awilson2525 says:

      so, would you say that you focus on where you want to start the divot as a principle focus? I know if I focus on the ground at the back of the ball I hit the ground first and have a weak shot, if I focus on top, I hit the top. It seems that if I focus on where the divot starts, I do a littler better. Your hint about the divot direction is precious.

    19. I visualise… my ball taking off like a Soyuz space rocket, punching a hole through the clouds, scores a hole in one on the 7th hole of Pebble Beach, all the women watching fall in love me. Tiger Woods comes up to me asking for swing hints and tips.

      Reality… 2 or 3 whiffs then I top the ball and it bounces along the ground 30 yds. Or the ball flies off the toe, 90 degrees and almost takes out the booth next to me at the driving range. The entire driving range turns around to see where the loud bang came from. “Sorry that was me”.

    20. Tom Conway says:

      Very good advice about visualizing the shot. I had 2 VERY good shots out on the course the other day. On one, I was stuck behind a tree, and it called for a draw. I pictured it in my head and executed, and the ball just curled right around the tree and landed JUST right of the green, but pin high. The other was a stinger shot that had to go between 2 trees and under the branches. Visualized and executed. Ball zipped between the trees, and stayed under the branches. Stopped 5 yards short of the green, but from 180 yards out with a new 4 iron that I've barely practiced with, I call it a success. Those 2 shots were good because those are the 2 that I actually took time to visualize and plan out. The rest were just me banging away and praying that the ball would go semi-straight.

    21. FugginGene says:

      i take a practice swing and look to see where my club makes contact to the ground. I find that I have better results when i look 1 inch ahead of the ball. That's where my divot starts. The ball just gets in the way.

    22. Where did the Ball go?

    23. Great subject that isn't covered much.

    24. ari joseph says:

      what do you think about using your peripheral vision to see the club backswing stay on plane?

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