Where To Meet Successful Men In The Summer!

In this video we discuss where you can meet affluent men this summer!

Some topics covered are related to femininity, leveling up, Where to meet affluent men, how to meet affluent men, & more
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16 Replies to “Where To Meet Successful Men In The Summer!”

  1. Future Riche says:

    Can’t wait for the app ! Will it be available in Europe too ?

  2. Lizzy Bear says:

    Tapas, Mixologist bars, Craft cocktail bars, Chef tables , Tasting menus are good ones too. Real informal video boo!

  3. Matthias says:

    I feel like i struggle cause i grew up in a mystic family but all the rich guys are hella christian/cathlolic and I dont understand the mind games

  4. Kacey says:

    Every time I go to wholefoods/ Trader Joe’s it’s only couples.

  5. Toya1 Hodson says:

    Erewhon is the new trader Joe's. You might meet someone there.😉😉😉😉😉

  6. Does it also apply in Europe like in Paris? Because I intend to go there during the summer

  7. Madison R says:

    So excited for this app!!!

  8. Lil Melons says:

    I bet your seats to the Heat game were expensive because it was a finals game as opposed to a regular season game lol that typically matters moreso than where the seats are. Price also depends on how "good" the teams playing are (yes, I am a basketball nerd)

  9. Can you do weekly lives? I love them 💛

  10. Kay 💕 says:

    19:38 Dashyyyy! Yes! Golf is such a money attracter. My (free) instructor is my trick 😂 He’s literally saved me thousands because he charges like $150/hr. I still suck but I’ve made some major connections 😂

  11. Kay 💕 says:

    I bartend at a high end hotel and you can definitely tell when someone is there SEEKING something. That’s why I tell people just make this your norm and it will literally feel/look normal lol.

  12. Wow that mini clip at 3mins spoke volumes! I used to be the woman watching other women get attention. Lol and I would wonder why those men weren’t approaching me. 10/10 times I would later find out I didn’t want them anyways. I attract quality over quantity and I love it this way.

  13. I garden at a nice golf club here in Vegas and yes I have seen pretty girls way overdressed and I know they’re trying to freestyle at the bar/restaurant but it’s really not that kind of vibe and they stick out in an obvious way and it’s just not appropriate.

  14. Flowerly F. says:

    „Old and just got money to f*ck up“ 😅 yeeeesss them the oness 🤌🏾

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