Which clubs should you choose? Blade or Cavity Back?

On this video we have a look at which sort of iron can be proper to your recreation. Evaluating the TaylorMade P7TW towards the Wilson D7 …


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    25 Replies to “Which clubs should you choose? Blade or Cavity Back?”

    1. Everyone on YouTube be jacking up their distances. Don’t see the same numbers on course

    2. It's not about forgiveness for me, Peter. I am 25 handicap, but prefer a blade for it's lightness. Original blades like I had in the 1980's are hard to come by now. I returned to the game after an 18 year lay off. I have a set of Cobra F Max cavity backs at the moment. But my Wilson Staff Tour blades that I had in 1985 would always beet them for distance. I find my F Max to heavy and I am going for a re-fitting next Wednesday.

    3. Sean White says:

      Hitting the ball straight is all I care about . Fancy fades and draws are cool but I'm more worries about forgiveness and straightness lol . C.B. for me all the way .

    4. Cheers pete great video I need distance so thanks thats made my decision easy 😀 keep up the good work 👍

    5. Mark Garvie says:

      So same test now with the 6 iron from
      Taylor made. Who cares what the number on the top says. Compare the clubs with the similar loft. New distance irons are just giving you a 6 iron with a 7 iron shaft so it’s a bit easier to hit. So I’d want to know how the spin numbers compare when hitting the same distance shot.

    6. Juston Wynia says:

      Wilson irons are the way to go!!

    7. Brian Pope says:

      Peak heights were the same, but what about decent angle?

    8. SpliffSized says:

      I'm just starting to get into golf seriously I've played maybe a game or two a year..I'm learning to use these old Wilson's they are built like blades and I am glad I have then I guess I do not want to change now.

    9. 1Lifeonearth says:

      the guy that just won the tour championship doesnt play with blades and says blades are not good to use because they make golf unnecessarily harder. Basically, unless you are literally tiger woods, you should not be using blades.

    10. Timo Brown says:

      I guess I should rather have searched for; Should I use the blades I have from 1980 or spend money on new clubs.

    11. Been looking at the d7 irons but also looking at a set of lynx vt blades still trying to figure out what ones to get

    12. Mark Schell says:

      Got the w/s d300 irons. Really enjoy them. Definitely not talented enough for blades.

    13. Evan Henson says:

      Gotta hate on head covers like that lol

    14. So seriously if i use head covers on my irons so that they are not damaged and chipped then somehow I am less of a man or somehow inferior????

    15. love the feedback of blades

    16. Baracka says:

      Thanks Peter you have helped me make the decision 👍

    17. dubnessIII says:

      If you think you can play true blades, then you are telling yourself that you are one of the maybe the top 10% of ball strikers in the world. Are you? Didn't think so. Most PGA players are playing more forgiving irons than blades. Leave your ego at the door and play better golf (that includes you, Peter Finch)

    18. How about a split set with two 6 irons to solve for the gap?

    19. mgibuk says:

      I stopped playing golf when I was 15 and started again recently at the ago of 34 and I can still play because I learned young. I'd like forgiving irons because I'm inconsistent but I hate looking down at my 7 iron and seeing a 6 iron. What's the point in saying something is a distance iron when all you've done is changed the number stamped on the bottom? Must be selling clubs I guess.

    20. My problem is cavity irons are tending to be so strong i hate it

    21. Use the clubs that make you want to play golf! everyone used blades 40 odd years ago.

    22. Studio Edin says:

      I think I would take a bladed 8, 9 Iron, and PW just to try it oit. Have the ping i200 and cobra speedzone.

      Misshitting the speedzone irons feels nothing, but the hits dont feel nothing eather. I200 are a Great compromise on feel, control and forgiveness, you feel the misshit but it dont punishes you much.

      Definitly like the challange of trying bladets. When I come down to 10 I Will Definitly buy a set.

    23. I'm thinking of getting the d7s had a little try of one on range other day and felt great and good price compared to other brands. Will book a fitting and try a few. Great video and good to see even u pros can shank it like rest of us mortals.

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