WHO is giving these CHEAP Golf Balls 5 STARS!?

(*5*)We check out one of many most cost-effective golf balls available on the market and in the event that they actually maintain as much as the 4 and 5 star critiques that they appear to have on-line!?

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    37 Replies to “WHO is giving these CHEAP Golf Balls 5 STARS!?”

    1. Back in the early 2000s Slazy made one of, if not the best, performing balls on the market, and no one in the US even knew they existed. One of my co-workers was from England and his family would send out a few dozen every month for us. Between them and the Maxfli RM, it shocked me they didn't get enough traction to dethrone Titleist.

      More channels should make more reviews like this. The fact that Titleist sell as many ProVs considering how few of the golf populace should play them is hilarious.

    2. Ken Hewitt says:

      It's sports direct leaving their own reviews, like their unrealistic rrps of their brand owned trainers etc

    3. Mo Moghal says:

      V300 is a great beginner ball! Once you get better and lose less, then you can switch to something better

    4. i f says:

      Simon how abour a review on lake balls, thanks

    5. I think i paid $8.69 a dozen for the Cut Red golf balls and i bought 5 of them.

    6. FPV stu says:

      Slazenger vsoft aren't too bad, the v100 distance balls are minging, sounds like hitting a pool ball!
      I personally use Callaway supersoft in summer and warbirds in winter. Good balls and cheap enough that I don't care about the lost ball more than the dropped shot ☺

    7. My question would be how does the Srixon compare over time through the winter to the V300. And are there any other balls worth thinking of between now and the start of next Summer, that give sufficient feel off the face without being described as rocks/pebbles/ball bearings etc?

      Mind you the ball that caught my eye in Sports Direct and hummed and harred over when choosing my winter ball was the TaylorMade Soft Select which were 2 boxes for £30, working out at £15 a dozen which is okay. But are they going to be like hitting boiled sweets or are they going to be a nice toffee.

      Btw I walked out with the Callaway CXR Power which were priced up in the shop at £15 a dozen, but by the time I paid for them were £13 a dozen, so just over a £1 a ball…. Nice. But seeing as I quite like TaylorMade balls, then the Soft Select might be worth a punt.

    8. The Inesis Soft 500 from Decathlon are good. €18 a dozen. Not really seen many reviews of them.

    9. Ed Kedge says:

      I’d rather use a used grade A decent ball winter or summer

    10. Dr. Rockso. says:

      I think anyone would be better off buying a bucket of range balls then the Slazenger rocks. I think those balls are worse then a Top Flights.

    11. Makes a commando ball seem like a balata ball

    12. Alan Rutland says:

      Enjoyed that review. Was looking at them the other day (well I was looking to see if they had a Saxon Marathon but no)and wondered if the soft would be mmm soft.

    13. My bro swears by the v300s

    14. These are hilarious. Hit them in the cold, and they crack. Use the Slazenger driver tees, and they break, straight away.. The Slazenger waterproof shoes, aren’t waterproof, and crack. Bit of a pattern here. Just don’t go there.

    15. Gale Boak says:

      Kirkland the best for the buck!

    16. The cheap inesis are good for me. Hit those as far as anything else I've tried. Slazenger in the winter works a treat as I'll not be playing all that great anyway and I will lose things due to leaves and bad light. I broke 80 for the first time using slazenger.

    17. I bought some Marathon Softs after watching your previous video and have to say I’m delighted with them as a winter ball

    18. john newman says:

      Try the Kirkland from Costco

    19. The V300 Soft is my winter ball. I put them into my bag last week. They are unspectacular but just fine while the course is so soft.

    20. Personally, I love the Taylor made soft response. 24 for £38. Good for distance and helped my short game with feel too

    21. Andrew Wolf says:

      Srixon balls always look bigger idk why

    22. Jamie Thomas says:

      Started playing back in April and the v300 were a godsend for the beginner that was burning through 9-10 balls a round 😅. I’ve since graduated to the Srixon supersoft and found an improvement in the shorter game, even if it was possibly just psychological. The Srixon Distance might be worth a review, I’ve found they do add yards to your tee shot, but come across lively on the short shots and putts, with some loss of feel?

      (My ball losses and scores are much lower 7 months on though 😂)

    23. Mike B says:

      I had been playing Top Flite D2 Plus Feel golf balls for the last few years, but that ball was discontinued, so recently bought some Top Flite Gamers at $30 for 2 boxes of 12. They're a 3 piece ball that has decent spin around the greens, even though it has an Ionomer cover. Only sold through Dick's Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy.

    24. The cheap ball or refurbished balls are only surviving because golf clubs are too expensive. Only people I know who would buy these cheap balls loose a dozen a round.

    25. robert gray says:

      During Covid isolation, I practiced substantially with the cheap Slazenger balls and they seemed fine. Only ball that I truly found soft, springy off the face and extra distance…were Bridgestone.

    26. My 2 children use V300 ( as i pay for them!) i use 3 Piece uathene balls, what ever is on offer. I cannot see any major issues with V300 balls they do roll out more on flop shots. But I just open the face up any stop fine. Off the tee complete bullets. So for high handicaps 👍, juniors 👍 working the green 👍 when worked to the balls ability. Cold clubs and cold balls would be a bigger issue.

    27. If they'd call them Slazenger distance fair enough but come on "soft" my arse 😆

    28. I find loads of balls on a pay and play course, the Slazengers are always mint, fair play to the golfers who lost those, bet they had more fun than the guys duffing Titleists and Callaway into the lake.

    29. Paul McGee says:

      V300 my favourite winter ball.

    30. I play Srixon distance (15 hcp) and almost always buy from sports direct. I have tried a number of more expensive balls and don’t score any better with them. Slazenger balls have always felt a little bit to cheap

    31. Those 24 packs were 2 for £17 in 2020 and the inesis 100 at decathlon were £5.99. Now they are £23 for 48 and £9.99 respectively. That’s some increase

    32. Tom Williams says:

      Holed a 85 yard birdie with those (V300 soft) 😂when you lose 2-3balls a round when you start, you can't fault them.

    33. Srixon Distance for me. Reasonable price and soft enough for me

    34. Nigel Kilgar says:

      I play the v300 all year round and shot a pb of 77 4 times during summer the spin you lose around the green just makes you play different shots it’s all a mind game

    35. Liam C says:

      For me the all year round ball to use is a srixon ad333… ad333 tour for comps in the summer

    36. Slazenger and soft is an oxymoron. Soft compared to what? Ball bearings?

    37. SAS Golf says:

      Thanks for watching guys! Apologies for some of the audio recently, invested quite a bit of money in new equipment coming soon 😬

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