Why Do I Hit Golf Chip Shots Fat and Thin?


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    35 Replies to “Why Do I Hit Golf Chip Shots Fat and Thin?”

    1. is the ball inportant

    2. Jason Lee says:

      Great Pete. Nice and simple explanation which is just what I need.

    3. so, who is the strategically placed blond?

    4. Dave W says:

      Great video Peter, I'm going to try this – lose far to many shots because of fats/thins

    5. G Man says:

      Thanks heaps Pete…your videos are the best going around on the Tube

    6. Fred Y says:

      Thx sooo much it helped me so much on my short game!

    7. steve perry says:

      peter, thnx for the helpful video but what's with the sexy hair behind the green???

    8. Randy Smith says:

      Thank you Peter, this has been one of the best chipping videos I have viewed. You directly address my own bad habit of retracting the arms at the last instant and flubbing the shot. I literally sweat bullets before every chip and now have renewed confidence!

    9. Neil Smith says:

      What I've noticed is that some people have a slight hand-eye coordination issue when they look at the ball. What they appear to be doing is focusing on the ball and promptly hitting behind it- they're okay with practice swings, but then introduce a target to hit at (the ball) they miss it by a couple of inches causing a "fat" or "thin". What I do is ask them to insert a tee in the grass a couple of inches in front of the ball- ask them to completely ignore the ball and focus on hitting the tee instead. Because their coordination is slightly out, they "fat" the tee-target, but, make good contract with the ball. Get them to drill that and soon the hand-eye coordination syncs together.

    10. Frankie67100 says:

      Peter, how can I use the bounce of the club effectively with this technique? Thanks.

    11. MrMannydac says:

      Pete, i really struggle chipping out of the rough around the green and generally from any thick rough. Any chance of doing some videos on getting yourself out of trouble as being a high handicaper i spend a good portion of my round on tight lies, deep rough, close to branches etc. Cheers

    12. Robert Heath says:

      Thanks Peter, really helped me, always been able to hit long but struggle around greens! played medal on Sunday and got up and down 5 times using the triangle technique ☺Now watching your pitching vids as this is another problem area for me, I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks again

    13. John Tanner says:

      Your videos help me tremendously with my game thanks so much Mr.Finch. I think I can fix my chipping problems!

    14. Paul Stewart says:

      Peter, I must admit, you're one of the best teachers I've seen on here.

    15. Another great video Pete, thank you. Just a quick question though: This works great on a mat but I find it very difficult to adapt on the grass..Indeed a lot of shots are thin or fat compare to the ones on the mat. Any advice ?

    16. Tim Carsberg says:

      Great vid. Spot on breakdown of the movement for me.

    17. Hi Pete, I have 2 questions for you. The first is chipping and pitching on the down swing I start to slow down my swing? The other is from 100 yards shot the ball flight keeps on going to the left all the time any advice need help????

    18. Hi Pete… been training the chip n pitch shots for a while now with your tips, and its working very well for me… but, the 1/2-1m into green towards a close pin maybe 1/2-1m aswell is causing me alot of trouble… I cant make my swing with so little swing/speed with out my "triangle" breaking down… just yesterday it actually caused me a new handicap as i failed the very last chipshot onto green making a double boogie :-/

    19. Gary Jones says:

      cheers pete, really informative video, showing how to, and how not to do, makes such a difference. this is why you get your message over so well. thanks again, but keep them coming.

    20. Too long a back swing on chipping / pitching is the major cause of decelerating.

      Nice video pete.  will pass this on.

    21. Finished in style. Great vid Pete.

    22. I just want to say, ever since watching this video yesterday, my chips have been far more consistent. today while i was playing a round i noticed a significant improvement in my consistency! thanks pete

    23. MikkyTee says:

      This setup is key, always struggled a bit with these sort of shots, this will give me something to work on. Thanks Peter.

    24. Hoppy1973 says:

      That's how to finish a golf instruction video. Hole it!!!

    25. paul hughes says:

      Watched this last night (4th April) took it to the course today. Never chipped it better 😀thanks Peter Finch Golf.

    26. Malone - says:

      It's really nice that you added a second camera down the line so we can see the ball flight as well. And we actually got to see you make that last shot as well 🙂 Cheers.

    27. Right Peter, be honest…
      How many times did you had to film the whole video to make it finish with the chip-in?? Lol
      Nice video as always!

    28. Scott Smith says:

      Tried it today Mr Finch and worked a treat great video as always

    29. Don MacLean says:

      Pete, I have played for decades. I have spent the most practice time on chipping and short pitches and I am still terribly unreliable at it. I agree that a little shaft lean at impact and no wrist hinge is necessary but this does not always do the trick for me. I can still chunk, skull, shank and most depressing double hit. I have practiced and played with making the angle of ascent(opposite of angle of attack) a little steeper going back. Maybe this is a bandaid but my result has been better and I get the clubface on the ball instead of hitting with the leading edge or high on the face.
      There is still a follow through and it is not a chop and stop.

    30. Gene Thomas says:

      Great, simple explanation and easy to practice. Thanks Pete

    31. Alex Barlow says:

      Pete, with a tight lie round the green would you advise maybe a 7 seven iron to just to get the ball rolling out so its not a chip shot its a roll out shot.

    32. Keith Hamman says:

      Hi Pete is there a club you recommend to practice this shot with to gain the required technique? I find the higher the loft (lob wedge)the more inconsistent I become. I would ideally like to be consistent with one club and stick to it!

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