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  1. Zyron says:

    Love the rain rounds you should have finished 😂 I’ve had 6 in the last 3 weeks and I’ve enjoyed not worrying about my scores and just have fun in the rain with my friends and coming home drenched 😂

  2. Calvin L says:

    That’s why you warm up your putting folks🙄
    Thanks for having me Anthony!

  3. I think the butt putt camera angle was intentional. Commit to it.

  4. I kinda like playing in the rain

  5. iBenJammin says:

    Hope to see ya back in MN next year again!

  6. THeUNit says:

    Nothings more annoying than 2 clowns throwing a ton of disc of disc and than you waiting for them to find there disc, no respect for the game.

  7. Sean Binder says:

    Cal is a cool kid great video with you 2

  8. bustatron says:

    Throwing too many discs

  9. I got merrell barefoot shoes. love the feel/comfort. not crazy about the fact I wore off half the tread in 10 days.

  10. ItzB1itz says:

    Man do I wish you would do another envy/proxy run.

  11. Nick Geisler says:

    Went there last year and the weather did the same thing

  12. Mac Dietz says:

    Bethel is easily one of the hardest courses in MN. You'd never expect it, considering it's a free course on a college campus, but man, its humbling

  13. More Cal please. He had a very confident presence in front of the camera.

  14. Can u pretty please not film like 3 4 5 tee shots… its a bad habbit to do and to watch and drags the video til im ff and just not enjoying it. Like im reliving that one guy we play with that needs 5 drives every long hole to show his big arm…

  15. Dan Trutron says:

    Oh yeah, I was following AB for the very first 5 holes at Preserve, Cal was on that card and the only dude wearing pants on a blistering day ! He was ready to look for some discs for sure. He ripped some blazers on those Preserve holes. Bethel is an insanely beautiful campus – thanks for the round. And I will of course follow a fellow Minnesotan.

  16. Bappo says:

    how do you get yourself out of a putting funk? do you just practice till you are past it or take breaks? I've been in a funk for a month or more been doing like 200-400 putts a day

  17. Laying in bed wondering if you were going to post, haha nice.

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