Why forged Irons will always be the best Golf clubs

I needed to share with you at this time a few of the fashions of forged irons that we stock. It is a large a part of our enterprise and we stock plenty of fashions and I would like you to know that we have gained plenty of awards for our forgings and our innovation in forgings.


However first, let’s speak about the forging course of as a result of a few of you may not learn about it. First we begin with a billet of virgin carbon metal. We then warmth it to 1200 levels Celsius. We use a 50 ton forging hammer and if you hit it — splat — that is what you get and we reduce it out we then take the iron and we warmth it as much as 800 levels Celsius and now we — splat — hit it once more with the 50-ton forging hammer. In the finish, what it does is — all this strain and all this warmth — we really compress the molecular construction of the steel. Discover out extra at http://www.kzgperformancecenter.com


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    35 Replies to “Why forged Irons will always be the best Golf clubs”

    1. Old video i know.. but is Mo-i still being made.? Like the "mixed set" pos

    2. Please very close up picture of product that you’re talking about at least 10 seconds view per head or better yet a side window of the head you’re talking about while you’re talking about the better players are looking at overall size and how narrow the soul of the club is your weaker player would want to see a wide width sole and here’s one thing that nobody’s talking about nobody is making that I know of a light head for extra long shafts 1 to 3 inches over you notice now on the PGA tour we have pretty close to a 7 foot tall player he needs 3 inches long he’s trying to play with 2 inches long the problem is he can’t go to 3 inches long because the swing weight is so heavy i’m Us Sr I would prefer a lighter weight head is still great quality and I would be willing to pay for it

    3. Jenn, if a guy made the Rat Pack look dull, would you date him?

    4. Jade Smith says:

      I clicked on this to listen at Jennifer, knowing I'd flog her arse on any track. Also using her scientific clubs.


    5. Stan Getz says:

      There should be a nicer, smoother word for high handicapper.

    6. Chase O says:

      99% of people wont see a difference

    7. Love my KZG irons (OC II), for a mid handicapper like me, very forgiving and distance. I love the company and philosophy, just wish there were more dealers in my area 🙂

    8. Daniel X says:

      What about a milled steel?

    9. Will that sweet smile be there when I come in 😃. Can't wait.

    10. Just wonderful, been searching for "golf swing difference between driver and irons" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Reyuhaffad Underlying Recognition – (should be on google have a look ) ? It is a smashing one of a kind product for discovering how to revealing an effortless golf swing technique without the normal expense. Ive heard some great things about it and my partner got great success with it.

    11. Jim Davis says:

      I own a KZG putter, bought in Japan.

    12. Raymo Mull says:

      When I say we. I mean the Japanese

    13. MrUmpaman9 says:

      I’ve seen other comments mentioning this but to grow yourself more you should send the clubs to top golfing youtubers to review. I have a set that got fitted for my dad and I love the clubs and wish the brand would be more recognisable to others

    14. I’ve played KZGs for about 10 years now. I went from the HSII to the forged blades. I went from a 30 handicap to a 9/10. I like the blades the best. I’ve played the Cobras, Titleist, Mizuno and Pings and I’ve been experimenting with the Miuras Now the Miuras have a magnificent feel. You hit the center and it’s like slicing through butter with a hot knife, but man the prices are staggering. My KZG blades give me a very similar feel for 1/3 of the price. I’ve been thinking and toying with the Miuras for three years now but I can’t see a sizable difference difference and to be honest I can’t really feel a great difference between the two, thus my reluctance to pull the trigger on the Miuras. My KZGs are beautiful,responsive, and feel like butter being cut with a hot knife and I’ve never missed a shot because of the club it’s only been me and my mechanics and the clubs are a joy to swing. I can work the club with ease, smash the long one and I get compliments every day on my clubs and bag. I love my KZGs!!!

    15. Glenn Wiebe says:

      There is no possible way to compress steel. However, forging does allow for gain alignment which produces a very consistent and homogeneous club head. This also allows for a very soft steel (1025, 1045) to be used,hence the soft feel. Cast steel is not as soft and also the grain is not aligned. This combo results in a firmer feel. The inconsistencies will be microscopic since x-rays would reveal any voids and said head would be recycled. Compression, no. Consistency, yes.

    16. Can’t say much about the presentation, but KZG forged Evolutions are very nice. Great feel and forgiveness for high handicap golfers.

    17. GW Lane says:

      Well spoken classy lady and good presentation! Got check out KZG

    18. These dudes turned the forging over to the Chinese. Muy cheap!

    19. Neil Cameron says:

      are they all original designs or some (or all) open models?

    20. she looks beautiful for her age. In her prime years, I reckon she was HOT !!!

    21. Stakeval says:

      You should send a few irons to Rick Shields for a review. It would be awesome to get a review from him! They look awesome BTW!

    22. DunnGolfing says:

      What about dynamic bow fit fit for shafts so important

    23. hi2meb says:

      The worst explanation of cast versus forged. Cast clubs don’t have voids. 10 different lines of clubs? Makes no sense. Most major manufacturers have less. Seems like the product of a cluttered mind.

    24. Jon Cocks says:

      Went all clubs forged now.

    25. B Cruz says:

      I own a set of KZG Evolution irons….best clubs I have ever hit !

    26. good video , but really just advertising

    27. KING SHARK says:

      forge, the best for personal adjustments. loft and lies are important

    28. So – if I slice up a cast club I will find air pockets, and these air pockets actually flex enough to affect a 1.5 oz ball ??

    29. Why does the camera guy zoom on her chest at 1:23?

    30. Very good presentation. I'll keep them in mind.

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