Why Luxury Travelers Are Choosing Belize

After Bali, London, and Miami, Belize joins our checklist of no-limit, no-budget, luxurious version episodes. We got down to make the film we could not discover on this hidden gem by sharing a few of the most original, over-the-top experiences we have ever had. From personal islands to helicopter adventures, right here’s why luxurious vacationers are selecting Belize.

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Shot & Edited by Youri https://www.instagram.com/hola/ Visuals by Youri
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Music/Designer: ARNOLD: https://www.instagram.com/arnoldfrancis_ /
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Time Stamps
00:00 Intro
01:50 Cinematic Intro
02:44 San Pedro
03:33 Subscribe
04:09 Sushi Non-public Island
07:09 Alaia Resort 5 Star in San Predro
07:38 Mahogany Bay Resort
08:30 Non-public French Chef @ Seaside Entrance Property
11:50 Diving Blue Gap
12:19 Blue Gap Helicopter Tour
12:57 Sauls Cigars
13:58 Valley Stream Non-public Eden
17:05 Insane personal dinner at Sleeping Big
18:22 South Caye – Clear Blue Water
21:08 Caye Caulker
21:34 Blu Zen Penthouse
24:00 Catamaran Tour in Belize
24:38 J Cas
26:20 Finest Villa in Placencia, Solvei Naia
27:05 Helicopter Tour
30:00 Thank You Belize
31:13 Passport Heavy Workforce


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    37 Replies to “Why Luxury Travelers Are Choosing Belize”

    1. Coco Lyndon says:

      Where are the natives?

    2. NB in DC says:

      Dude in the hat changed keys 3 times 🤣…. So allowable on vacation 😏

    3. Hi brother this video really caught my eye I have been looking at Jamaica and Africa videos but this one really makes me want to go to Belize I am a believer Yo video have captured me Keep doing what you're doing and we love you over here

    4. Mr. Kamil says:

      I see helados 🇵🇦 👏🏽👏🏽

    5. Belize next on the list, appreciate you bro! Youri sa kap fete boss, your editing is a force haha

    6. You are the coolest looking dude in all your videos. swag and angles all in your favor.!!!

    7. Nadya Lu says:

      Love how our beautiful country is being advertised, only thing that aches my heart is our lands being sold n our own people cannot even own a piece of property! Sad

    8. DAVID Scott says:

      Belize is not known for nothing,stop the Capping

    9. You can enjoy Belize for a lot less money not everyone has your budget good video

    10. JÆTOK says:

      The eye candy is really eye candying. 18:55 28:38 32:11 😊🫠😏🌹

    11. Don Winkler says:

      Awesome informational content. Thanks for sharing!

    12. Breaking News: Indonesia passes criminal code banning sex outside marriage

    13. Okay Now says:

      Very nice, made me think different of Belize

    14. Belize is great. But Colombia and Brazil have me in a chokehold lol. Especially when there’s more bang for your buck in these countries too. Of course i don’t need to mention the other obvious reasons. 🥵

    15. The beauty and bounty of Belize is available to everyone with a pulse, free of charge, but the BEST asset of this country is the hearts and love of its diverse, hard working people. Don't let these rich cretins fascists, pederasts and financial criminals spoil the land, air and water by bringing 'investment' to that part of the earth. USE the greed and corruption of these fashionistas by taxing the hell out of their properties and distributing the income for water/sanitation and transport that will benefit ALL the people. Property owned by foreigners should be taxed at FOUR TIMES the rate higher than for citizens, and it would STILL be a bargain.

    16. Love this channel man! So inspiring !!

    17. Iam Social says:

      Beautiful. I literally travel via your movies. I appreciate your professional style and visually amazing production.

    18. Lion King says:

      PH Team thank you once again. You guys are awesome. Thanks to PH i am putting Belize on my travel list.
      Stay blessed PH Crew.

    19. G Mac II says:

      Bro your visuals are INSANE!

    20. jazzyeric21 says:

      Another awesome passport heavy video. I've been a fan and a subscriber for a long time. I would love to know how my daughter, a senior Georgia Tech film and media entrepreneur major and Atlanta resident could get involved with you guys, at least as an intern? Your video quality is always top notch. I hope to hear back from you. Thanks in advance.

    21. Safirlady says:

      So good! Hadn’t realized there were multiple Belize videos?!! Everything is so beautiful; absolutely love it, 💕💕💗💗✊🏽✊🏽

    22. As a Belizean my heart swells watching this episode.. Thank you so much for doing justice to the place I call home..🇧🇿🇧🇿🇧🇿

    23. Mabeaute 8 says:

      Anytime you hype a county like Belize you are part of the problem.
      You probably don’t know this bcuz you’re not really a savvy traveler.
      A truly savvy traveler has empathy for the place they are visiting… it’s not about the money, the bill gates’ the celebs, the bling, the private this and that!
      The footprint you are making is the most important! Be aware of consequences of putting a beautiful place like Belize ‘on the map’
      You and your followers are like the nouveau rich…
      Newley acquired Money flashy, boom boom bang bang, without any responsibility to how you negatively effect a place!

    24. Great video as always!🔥🔥🌴

    25. Zane Gray says:

      Deserted Island 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 stickaround you will meet cocain pirates.

    26. Thanks again, my good brother. njoyed!

    27. Belize was everything when visited 3 years ago.

    28. Belize beach is super dirty with seaweed and plastic washed off from the sea …I just came back from there

    29. FlightsNBite says:

      THANK YOUUUUU! Belize wasn’t easy to create an itinerary for

    30. Great content! I am a subscriber. Have you done the Maldives yet? Looking to go in 2024 and would love to get your take. Thanks

    31. Shannon Dent says:

      Does Belize have that spiritual aspect that Bali has?

    32. Entertaining & informative vlog, tight work J👍🏽

    33. I bought the 20$ Belize PDF pamphlet When you released your original Belize Video.
      After opining it at work. I wasn’t able to open it again and there was no one to reach out too… 🙁

    34. Chantel says:

      Literally fell in love with Belize last year, came back to GA, packed up my belongings and moved there!!

      Dope video ❤

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