Why You Should Get A Golf Club Fitting | TrottieGolf #shorts

The lie angle on your irons can be impacting your ball flight.

Too upright = pulls
Too Flat = fades

Be sure to get them spot on for improved results.

Full upload coming this #tourtrucktuesday

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    5 Replies to “Why You Should Get A Golf Club Fitting | TrottieGolf #shorts”

    1. Aj M. says:

      Can’t afford it, want to sponsor me?

    2. A little bit left..
      In my dreams 😫😫😫

    3. pb says:

      All of those shots are playable

    4. macspam168 says:

      I’d always avoided club fittings and hovered around 10-12 over par, due shots leaking either side of the green.
      After a fitting for my p770s, I was surprised that I went from stiff to regular shafts. After 3 games with the custom 770s I just scored level par for the first time. Now waiting for my custom Hi Toes to arrive…

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