Wilson STAFF MODEL CB & D9 Irons // Review

We review two new iron models from Wilson, find out how they compare to other top irons in the market!

0:00 // Intro
3:01 // D9 Testing
6:27 // Staff Model CB Testing
8:51 // Conclusions

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada


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    44 Replies to “Wilson STAFF MODEL CB & D9 Irons // Review”

    1. David Cole says:

      Using Wilson D350's And very much considering moving to the D9..

    2. Carl Randall says:

      You guys are too young to remember that Wilson were once upon a time say back in the 70's, looked at as some of the best golf clubs on the market at that time alongside Ping……
      For whatever reason over say the last 30 -40 years they have not been producing quality golf clubs to compete with the other big names in golf club manufacturing….. let's hope these new wilson clubs don't get overlooked by the general public, I hope we see a resurgence of wilson once again and have continued success in the years ahead. GO WILSON….😉

    3. Dion Tipene says:

      Terrible Matty boy is gone 😭😭😭😭😭😭 miss him on this channel ratshit 😢😢😔

    4. Derek N says:

      I ended up with rogue x irons
      And so strong
      Now I hit 9 iron 170 when hit in middle of face.
      It’s crazy
      I’m basically playing driver and 9 iron to 50 degree wedge now
      Thinking of selling rest of clubs

    5. Brent Nadeau says:

      Love my C300 Forged – next year I'll give them to my son and I'll grab the CB's.

    6. Jack Vliet says:

      I just hit the CB yesterday, along with the zx7, t100, 223, Apex pro, and p770.
      The Wilson cb really impressed me! 2nd only to the zx7 in my opinion.

    7. Brad Meehan says:

      I have the D9s. I'm an okay player, but these are absolute rocket launchers. I've never hit a ball this far in my life. I understand the lofts are strong, but the ball just explodes off the face. Unreal.

    8. Da Vet says:

      I have the fg59s 🤤

    9. loricho says:

      As a new golfer, I'm wondering if someone can clarify the difference between the D9 Steel Irons and Staff Model CB Irons. I don't have trouble hitting distance but my accuracy and consistency are areas where I need to improve.

    10. Am I losing it this guy Matt is ambidextrous ,I see him hitting left handed all the time!

    11. Michael Rood says:

      D9’s are so much fun to hit.

    12. David Henry says:

      Ordered my custom CB's today, they replace my almost 17 year old Mizuno MP 32's. First time I hit the Wilson CB 7-iron I was sold! Looking forward…

    13. Wyatt Mullin says:

      I bought the D9s this year and LOVE them! I'm hitting the ball longer and straighter. My 5 iron is going 200-210 yards with a nice draw down the middle. Mid irons hold the green nicely. I'd say I've dropped 5 strokes off my game. Such a confidence booster for someone in their late 50s.

    14. John Bachman says:

      The Staff CB is definitely something I would check into if I were looking for new irons. I did just purchase the Staff 60 degree High Toe wedge and it’s fantastic. Also I really enjoy your videos.

    15. Sepho91 says:

      Just got fit for the CB’s, absolutely brilliant clubs, the feel off them is unbelievable, and for considerably less than other comparable clubs like the P7MCs

    16. J says:

      Can't wait to see the review of the blade it's easily one of the best on the market.right now

    17. jack Hughes says:

      I'm still playing the V6 and tested the new cb, the cb feels almost identical. Wilson has again produced an amazing underrated iron.

    18. Bubbles says:

      Watching Matty knocking it past me right-handed is a new low for me

    19. Bubbles says:

      Watching Matty knocking it past me right-handed is a new low for me

    20. Rob Coates says:

      Still remember the Staff cavity backs we had in the Sport Chek I worked at in high school. They were beauties and I loved the look of them back in '95. Some things never change!

    21. John Oberle says:

      I've noticed you add little white dots, or dot stickers on the clubs when you test. What is the reason for that?

    22. don cooper says:

      Can you all ever get the Ben Hogans? Ptx pro or Apex Edge

    23. Shawn Biddle says:

      Wilson Staff marketing meeting: "TaylorMade already has 'speed slot' what can we call ours?", "Power…. hole.", "Eh, good enough let's get lunch."

    24. Thomas Keim says:

      Looking through your older videos to see how the Wilson CBS compare to the new T100s, and Matt is getting nearly 10 mph more ball speed with the Wilson Staff CB? Is that really true? It seems like the 2 iron heads shouldn’t be that far apart in ball speeds.

    25. Mike Barton says:

      100 MPH 6 Iron…… freakin NUTS !!!!!! 😮😯😮

    26. What do you guys think about Edell wedges?

    27. Loving the reviews of “smaller brands” 🤔 not sure Wilson fit in that bracket but compared to Titleist, Taylormade etc they are I guess. And the straight to consumer products really opens up the field with regards to options for irons. As a leftie, it’s reassuring that these companies are making irons available to both dexterities. Will have to check out the staff CB’s to replace my aging AP2’s

    28. My fit is +1”. Does Wilson use lighter heads like Mizuno for custom?

    29. still gaming the c300 irons, will be upgrading to the CB shortly for the lesser offset 👌
      wilson irons are as good as anything out there if you give them a chance

    30. David Barker says:

      I thought Matt was a lefty?

    31. dougmael says:

      Righty Matt and I would probably have a good competitive match, but lefty Matt would smoke my behind. However, why do my low toe iron hits not travel as far and as straight as righty Matt’s do?

    32. Dana Best says:

      In the first few shots, Matt’s path was 6 degrees In to Out with an open face as high as 12 degrees. Those numbers would sound like a severe block to the right but he hits a baby fade. Something doesn’t add up.

    33. Matt Wrall says:

      I’ve played titleist for last 15 years tried the staff blades oh my god !!! Bought the blades great feel good numbers produced also dropped 2 shots off my handicap(6-4) and won two board prizes

    34. Mark Rigney says:

      I still have the V4’s, they’re a great club.

    35. Aaron White says:

      Only didn’t buy the driver because it’s not adjustable… just couldn’t get it to fit just quite right.

    36. Bruce Lanier says:

      Thoughts on smaller companies like Wilson using the Hogan model of DTC?

    37. bigjmal says:

      I suddenly feel the need to nip down to Irvine…

    38. Rob Sumpter says:

      Wilson were pretty much the top brand back in the day rocking 62 major wins. Just didn’t go with the over inflated marketing dept like some of the new boys.

    39. Shaun Evans says:

      Matt and Ian Wilson are the most underrated irons out there I had the blades for 18months till the new cb was launched in Australia in January and got them as soon as they were on the shelf both sets are the best irons I’ve ever hit and I don’t think I will ever play anything else

    40. Wilson staff blades are one of the sexiest irons I’ve ever seen let alone hit. Under rated is an understatement. Nice review!

    41. My dad's got these clubs and when I hit them they feel at least as good as my Mizuno JPX 921 Tour. Awesome clubs would be totally happy to play them over the Mizunos

    42. TheBigEasy says:

      I had the earlier iteration of the D-9 with the Di9 and what a great club. They were long, stopped on the greens and I could work them. Why did I ever get rid of them?????????

    43. Rufuss Thoo says:

      Have always been a big Wilson fan. Unfortunately they just aren't easy to come by Down Under.

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