Winter Golf in the UK with a 15 Handicapper… [EVERY SHOT]

Each shot from my winter spherical (15 handicap) of golf at Oulton Corridor Golf Membership in Leeds, UK.

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    45 Replies to “Winter Golf in the UK with a 15 Handicapper… [EVERY SHOT]”

    1. Mike Fraser says:

      Enjoyed the round, I play off 13 so similar standard with similar errors. I’ve recently improved my chipping and note that you do what I was doing, that is standing too far away from the ball in a stance that you would use for a full iron shot. My consistency has dramatically improved by adopting more of a putter distance. Watch Danny Maude and his chipping video. Cheers

    2. Top Golf says:

      Your a very similar level to me. Drives and fairway seem to be best part of my game but like some of yours I get those duffs or thins chipping. Would be interesting to see how you evolve and how on the short game

    3. no offence but you have the all the gear but no idea

    4. Unknown says:

      How far do you hit with PW and 50? I hit 105yd with PW but only 72-75 with 50 wedge which is much shorter than average. Struggling with 80-90yd here

    5. Great round! If I were you I would not use the 3H for every second shot, rather a 6 or 7 to leave you with a more consistent distance for wedge shot and thus lowers your score. It ultimately goes down to course management and which club your feel more confident with to approach the green. Looking forward to you breaking 80 soon.

    6. Clobber 66 says:

      50 wedge got some hammer in this round Luke.

    7. bdog says:

      Nice vid. New subscriber earned

    8. Jeremy C says:

      Nicely done. You seem to hit it pretty straight, so do you see yourself eventually trying to add more speed to your swing?

    9. Although you forgot the long clubs the hybrid etc kept you in play for a very good steady round,well played

    10. Luke, great job again!

      Is that the Mavrik max driver? Did your get fit for it and how are you finding it?

    11. Jarrod R Kee says:

      Nice round Luke, great editing and entertaining as usual! The 3 Hybrid is such a great club in my opinion. I’ll often use mine off the tee if I’m getting serious. Keep the videos coming!

    12. Enjoying the videos Luke. Just one observation, it may be the camera angles but you do appear to ground your club at times in the bunkers before playing your shots.

    13. Ross Smith says:

      Winter golf in the UK, start the round frozen to the bone. End the round wishing you wore shorts and a polo

    14. Swingtweaks says:

      Looking good Luke, you may sharpen up that sand play for your trip to the desert.

    15. Kevin Vogeli says:

      That was one heck of an interesting round Luke, forgetting your clubs and still shooting a very good score. This should be a practice challenge most of us could put to good use. I sometimes use a totally wrong club and try to adapt the shot, to create versatility to get better out of weird lies. Great pre winter content keep it coming Mate.

    16. Thomowatch says:

      Decent round, well done! Putter was working well for you. I find the ball doesn't fly as far in the winter, so I wouldn't worry about the yardages too much.

    17. Great videos for a new golfer like myself! I see improvement with every video of yours

    18. sikulu says:

      Watch all your videos now Luke. Great stuff. I'm new to being obsessed with golf after 15 yrs of playing 2 rounds a year with no practice, struggling to break 120. Now I'm hitting 800 balls a week at the range with increasing consistency and pushing the driver to 300+ yards (sometimes). Can't wait to get out with the boys in the Spring, break 100, and hopefully not win the wooden spoon again. Keep it up bud!

    19. Cousy 65 Nc says:

      Good winter round that pal .
      Well done

    20. Jon Hanlon says:

      hey, how do you record the shot lines? do you use an app? if so, which one?

    21. Very well-played, Luke. Not that far from a sub 85. It is within you.

    22. caveman says:

      Your short game and putting is pretty good for your handicap

    23. Daibhidh Biy says:

      Great round! Nice to see someone enjoying winter golf!

    24. I'm also a 15 handicap , enjoyed watching that video , would love a round with you

    25. Great round again πŸŽ‰ the chip in on the retake is a classic πŸ˜‚. Some of the putts looked real good today was routing for 5 in a row on the pars. Annoying when the greens slow in winter mind, thankfully I have a good 5months of summer ahead

    26. Steve Hill says:

      As a 16 handicap I can relate. Thank you. Enjoying the videos

    27. Golden Game says:

      Love the videos mate, I’m in a similar boat to you, been playing for a year now and down to 18 handicap but struggling to progress any lower. Good luck working on your swing technique. Lets see if I can catch up with you as progress too!

    28. your courses look just like our courses right about now. Leaves everywhere!!

    29. Golfyap says:

      Nice putting, saved you strokes! Hoping to see you play the more β€œpremium” courses.

    30. Craig Bond says:

      Top video as always, early on i did wonder why does luke use a blade putter. Wow you certainly answered that, superb display of putting.

    31. Well played Luke mate! Really enjoying the videos. Would like to see woody back on the channel soon;)

    32. Revo900 says:

      Would love to play a round with you. Our game is so similar it’s uncanny.

    33. Dylan Simons says:

      You should play Hollingbury golf course in brighton, played it today and had a bit of a stinker but course is in good condition for winter except for the bunkers which are going to be redone. Also quite a challenging course.

    34. I would be interested to see the stroke index on some of these holes. Great vid. Ty for sharing

    35. You can see you are so close to that magical round where it all comes together. You used to have all the components but on different dates. Now you have all the components but on different holes. Not long till the long mid and short games turn up together and you rip it up I am sure of it. Still a chance you shoot 100 the week after due to the fact that golf is golf but keep grinding!

    36. Chris Earle says:

      That short game is crucial!!! Good job!

    37. Richie c says:

      Great video as ever mate πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ, nice and easy to watch, are those the milled grind wedges your using?πŸ€”if so how are you finding them?keep up the great videos πŸ‘πŸΌ

    38. Jon Carter says:

      Good round! I knew you'd play well left some difficult to hit clubs out from bag.
      I do reckon that you'd be better pitching and chipping more with P Wedge, rather than 50Β°.

    39. The Rapture says:

      Nothing wrong with that round pal I still haven't broke 100 yet got a 102 the other week suffering with severe spinal stenosis so that round was a good one take the positives man

    40. David Harris says:

      Great watch. Had to laugh at that rerun when you chipped in off the green. How often does that happen when you just drop a ball ? Maybe we all overthink things sometimes. I think I do πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ. Anyway sub 90 in winter with some loose shots thrown in is pretty tidy mate πŸ‘

    41. Seth Grimes says:

      Excited to see how oulton hall deals with you

    42. Cory Gucwa says:

      I just have to laugh at 11:24 because all too often (when the group in front is playing too slowly and will not let me through) I will take another ball or two out and practice some of these chips or flops around the green too. Wouldn't ya know that 9 out of 10 times my practice shots are insanely better than my actual shots when they count?? 'Y Tho' indeed my friend. Great video.

    43. InnateAl says:

      Definitely seem to be slicing your drives less as well!

      Your chipping is so consistently impressive πŸ‘

    44. Woody says:

      Well played mate. Enjoyable watch like always

    45. InnateAl says:

      Buzzing to see a new upload mate. I’ve been trying to improve toward breaking 100 but had a mare and shot 114 the other day, confidence levels are shot! Only been playing 4 months ish but have crammed a lot of golf into that period.
      Enjoying watching you progress!

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