Wosports 650 Yard Range Finder with Speed Mode

Bought it for golf so my range is well under the 650-yard range of this rangefinder. Has flag lock that works very well and vibrates when locked on. Nice feature. With 6x magnification and an adjustable eyepiece, it’s very easy to see and find the object you are wanting to measure. From flagsticks to sand traps, to trees and brush, you can find your distance without any problems.

Compared this to my Garmin Approach G3 and it is right there. Now instead of measuring to the center of the green, I can get the actual distance to the flag.

This also has a speed mode that I obviously have no need for, but nice to have options if I ever needed it. I do wish this had a slop mode to help my golf game, but not a deal-breaker.

This does have a nice battery compartment and cover and comes with a CR2 3.7v 800 mAh lithium battery. Not sure why they didn’t make this rechargeable, but I can get a rechargeable CR2 battery and replace the one that came with it for a very little additional cost.

Overall, really like this and works well with my golf game. Had the best front nine on my home course the first day using this. Was it the rangefinder, new ball or did I just play well?

Found on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Wosports-Hunting-Finder-Upgraded-Battery/dp/B07GKJTXTM/ref=sr_1_23?keywords=hunting+rangefinder&qid=1565236604&s=gateway&sr=8-23
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