Wyndham Clark: How to Hit a Draw With Your Driver

On the tee: Wyndham Clark.

Hear how the newest PGA TOUR winner approaches his drive on this dogleg left par 5. ⬇️



5 Replies to “Wyndham Clark: How to Hit a Draw With Your Driver”

  1. Flight says:

    that golf swing doesn't draw

  2. Miles Harvey says:

    I was the single playing with Wyndham’s old high school tournament competitors.. man those cats were throwing darts from waaaaay down town 😵‍💫 they said they only beat this guy once or twice in a tournament 😮

  3. McV1LLaiN says:

    He played absolutely amazing golf! It was extremely cool to see him play so well on a course in my hometown area. Even better seeing him do it with my favorite Titleist hat on! Titleist for life!

  4. Matt Haydon says:

    Hearing Wyndham say his Draws are straight makes me feel like a much better member of society.

    Thanks Wyndham

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