Yakuza 5 – Golf Driving Range Guide

(*5*)This can be a information I made for the Driving Range, since this tends to offer gamers some bother. The trick is, neglect the targets and drop the ball into the small inexperienced as an alternative! For the superior and professional programs, attempt to work out the ability and angle you want as rapidly as doable. You want 1000 factors for Newbie, 1000 for Intermediate, 560 factors for Superior, and 1500 factors for Professional! Good luck

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    13 Replies to “Yakuza 5 – Golf Driving Range Guide”

    1. WT says:

      Thank you so much! I did it with Haruka and I was so bad at hitting the pink line, but then it worked in my favor as it keeps hitting the hole!

    2. Dylan Laps says:

      Getting the plat in 2022! Thanks for this😃

    3. eimii says:

      best video ever thank you <3

    4. Zaki says:

      Thanks for that glitch, you save my platinum !! Omedetou kyodai

    5. By the way guys, forget both this video and the jp website listed below if you play remaster. The physics got fucked and some shots are now impossible. For example, eastward 6m wind will prevent you from hitting the left flag even if you go 15 degrees unless you curve the ball almost on the left line, and even then i think it won't go in. Back to square one I guess.

    6. Kouryakutsushin (a japanese website) has a extremely helpful guide for this, showing power required for wind/angle, I recommend for anyone struggling with this

    7. Thought this was gonna be difficult….until I found a Japanese website telling me all the shots/wind differences

    8. I remember this was a pain in the ass in Yakuza 2

    9. MitMega says:

      Gotta love the fact they finally localized this game, haven't stopped playing it since it came out. c:

      Awesome vid btw.

    10. Deniz _50 says:

      where can you play golf?

    11. Thanks a lot man! This was driving me insane almost got 100% completion and this minigame was driving me nuts I was trying to hit all 15 targets in pro course and kept screwing up right at the end and with this trick you only need to hit 8 out 15 tries to get over 1500 points helped me out a lot.

    12. Joeloyo ! says:

      You have the best yakuza vids!

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